October 2004
  Well, the time has come. I am leaving for Russia tomorrow, or for the small, rural town of Abinsk (pop. ~33.000), to be precise. It's near Krasnodar, pretty close to the Black Sea. I will be departing tomorrow at seven am, going to St.Petersburg first, and then on to Krasnodar, from where it's a short car ride to Abinsk (wow, they even have a coat of arms!). Will be attending my cousin's shotgun wedding there. Poor feller, cut down in his prime...
  So I packed my bag, charged my Palm, loaded new mp3's onto my little MuVo, and I'm all ready to go. Will be spending about 4 - 5 days in a train all in all, there and back. I've done it before, and I know that it can get really, really boring, just watching the endless fields of Mother Russia run by... At least Russian trains are extremely cozy. And I packed some books with me, of course, but I would have liked it if the train cabin came with an electricity outlet. Since my Palm can barely deliver around 10hrs of working time...
  Anyway, I will be taking a lot of photos during my stay in Russia, so you can wait for a very substantial update once I get back. Be good, and below are some links that should keep you occupied. Oh, and I'm sorry for the horrible picture of the day. Honestly.
  So. The links. Let me start off on a more of a serious note. Read this article from Jerusalem Post, about the new Intifada, the whole Palestinian situation... And before you wince, it is not a brashly single-sided piece. And, somewhat on the subject, here is a happiness index of top 100 countries. Finland is ranked 15th according to this one.
  And straight after that we jump to Sexy Soccer Fans. I wish I had some fans like that. Hell, any fans. Stalkers need not apply! Then I present you.. An anonymous girl in a pool. Warning, definitely not for modem users! And, finally, some rather wonderful young women posing. Wow.
Day 137

My luggage...

  Good evening! Lovely day today, eh? Well, it was for me at any rate. Basically a pleasant, relaxing Sunday. Couldn't wish for anything much better. First of all, I voted. I singlehandedly upheld Finnish democracy here, people! I will not go into details though, lets just say that my choice was fairly conservative. I tried taking photos at the polling place, set up in the near-by library, but they didn't give me the permission. So I had to do it clandestinely.
  Afterwards I had a nice lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. Great food. I was very surprised that a place that good could exist in my horrible neighborhood.
I wish I could afford lunch at a Chinese restaurant every day. But on with the glorious day. My buddy and I then went off to play a few games of 9-ball, and while in the pub I just happened to pass a poker machine. I popped in a few euros, and, deciding to go all the way, upped the bet to the max. And my first game brought me the most money you can win from one of those machines: 40 Euros. Nice, huh? Well, I thought so too. I decided to "invest" some of that money into lottery coupons. Who know, maybe by the time I get back from Russia I'll be a millionaire!
  I came home in high spirits. Read the news, on BBC, and posted my opinion on Talking Point, as I often do. Barely 2 or 3 minutes passed, and I receive a phone call from BBC inviting me to voice my opinion on Talking Point, at 17:00 Finnish time.. I agreed, of course, having done it before. The program started as scheduled, but nobody called me... I thought they forgot about it, or had enough callers for the day, but they did call eventually, towards the end of the program. I guess my views weren't anti-western or pessimistic enough...
  Oh, and congratulate me! It's now been three (3.0) weeks since a cigarette last touched my lips... And going out with one of the "neglected" yesterday made me realize something: cigarette smoke smells awful to non-smokers! I almost choked when I was sitting in "Tauko", a crappy pseudo-goth rock bar in Kallio. And it was even worse on my way home in the bus, when everyone around me reeked like ashtrays... Never noticed it while I was smoking a pack a day myself.
  Anyway, guess it's time to go read some more Harry Potter. The books are rather good, btw, and are getting better. I am now on book 4. I guess I can imagine myself really hooked if I were 12 - 14 years old...
  Link dump: Great webcomics! White Ninja Comics. And a page that gives you the front pages of 244 international newspapers. And a nice animation teahing you how to have fun at a 7/11. And here is a flash animation thats just.. Well, freaky. But interesting, as you will see. Well, enough for now. Over and out.

Day 136

Polling booth...

  Yawn... I've been spaced out all day. Must be the weather. Or the botched "Chicken Kiev" I had in town while shopping for a suit. Yes, for a suit. A classic black affair, with a tie, shirt, serious shoes... The whole affair. I need it for a wedding I am going to attend near Krasnodar, Russia on the 30th of October. My 21 year old cousin is having a "shotgun wedding", he is getting married to a girl he accidentally knocked up. Her family was not amused, and neither was his. So they bought the soon-to-be-newlyweds a house... I shall be leaving on the 26th of October, and coming back on the 6th of November.
  As I was coming home from town, the metro driver announced that we shall not be stopping at the Sörnäinen metro station, for "security reasons". Our metro sped past an eerily quiet, deserted metro station... As I came home, I went on the net and found out that the station was shut down because of a possible bomb on the premises! How weird is that, huh?
  But for now I think I'll head out to meet one of the friends I've so thoroughly neglected for the past month or so. Even though I feel rather ill.. Perhaps beer will cure that? I hope so... Oh well, better go, already a bit late!
  I guess I should move on to the links then. First, I give you an interesting game. "Gravity Launch". Tricky, but fun! Then another game, "Bowman". The name says it all, really. Then one more game, "Cockroach". Experience life as a ickle little cockroach! And just for the hell of it, why not throw in some porn as well... I give you... Veronica Zemanova! And here are some 1989 beach babes. Have a look and a laugh... Oh, and I guess it has been a while since the last girly open dir.

Day 135


  Hia. I have a hangover.. On the other hand, I haven't had a good time like I had yesterday for a while. Didn't go anywhere special, just hung out in a bar in my dread neighborhood, Kontula. Got home around 23:00 already, after a pit-stop at a kebab.
  That kebab was consumed in a split second, and, a split second later, disgorged into the toilet bowl. That was a sight... And we were just joking with my girlfriend about how some guy got his pizza covered with jizz. Maybe that's how they made my curry sauce...
  At 9am I was off to work. It was hell, let me tell you that. On the way there I noticed something that never seizes to amaze me. A pic of it is presented to the right, btw. It's one of those strap on leaf-blowers. What a waste of energy! What a noisy and inefficient way to move a couple of leaves! Ever heard of a rake? Jeez...
  But I'm too tired and disinterested to write my blog now. I think I'll just play something brainless, like Battlefield Vietnam. Oh, and have you heard of another kidnapping in Iraq? This time the fucks kidnapped a woman who, and get this, has been helping Iraqi people for the past fucking 30 years!!! I mean, what the fuck? Who on earth could be so fucking bloodthirsty and sadistic? Sure, kidnap a soldier. I might understand that, even though kidnapping is still a sign of a sick and murderous nature. But kidnapping a humanitarian worker who has busted her ass for the past 30 years helping your retarded people? Fuuck...
  And for all of you that cry out that the men brandishing AK's and screaming "Allahu Akbar!" while cutting off heads aren't "proper muslims", read the fucking Koran and Sura.
  The only good news from that part of the world was the destruction of a ghoul. I mean Mr. al-Ghoul, sorry. A very aptly named individual, responsible for thousands of deaths... Palestine, of course, is in mourning.
  Oh well,  time for some links. Hope these will cheer you up... 1: A collection of objects found in people's rectums. Hope they do that to the kidnappers of Mrs. Hassan. 2: How to remove an object lodged in a rectum. Enjoy the tips, and have a safe day of rectal fun!

Day 134

A stupid fucking device.

  Mamma mia! My palms are sore, and I am sweaty and stinky! No, I did not indulge in Onan's sin. I was out, karting my ass off.. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go and wash my supple, young body under invigorating streams of hot water.
  Ok, I'm back. Young, supple body all washed, and clean enough to eat off. Anyway, back to karting. I was moping at home, when a friend called me up and just invited me karting. I immediately agreed. I've been karting once before, but it was years ago. This time I didn't suck as bad. We only had 10min of driving time, since we showed up right before closing time. Ohh, such a blast.. And the karting place was in this old fallout shelter! It was awesome, still functional, and just check out the doors on the thing! Wow.. I thoroughly recommend a visit to everyone. 10min is enough at first, but too little after you've tried & loved it. But have a break in between drives, if you do decide to go for 20min or over.. It's exhausting! You tend to develop stiff shoulders and sore palms in about 5min. And it's not expensive, either. Only set me back 8 Eur for 10min. That's nothing, considering what I'm saving now that I ain't smoking. I have calculated that I've saved about 30 Eur so far. Go me.
  But that is it for today, so it's time for the links. First, a cool, simplistic game. Looks like it was designed by Malevitch..! And a funny gif animation... Ok, I am scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but here goes... A history of space suits. Sigh.

Day 133

Our "speed machines"!

  Hullo. I just came from my Dad's. And not as drunk as you might think, either. It seems that my dad and his friend, "Igor the Submarine Guy", have realized that vodka might be a bit too "abrupt" for proper socializing, and moved to beer. And thank god for that. Otherwise I wouldn't be here, and I most certainly would not have gone to work tomorrow.
Oh yeah, and the picture of the day is a "Still Life" piece, dealing with the Russian tradition of eating salted, dry fish with beer. Brr. I hate fish...
  Anyway. It's been a bit over 2 weeks since I've had my last cigarette. Let us overview the situation. First of all, I feel as if my lungs have received an upgrade.  But on the other hand, my lung pains are continuing. Then, and this is what's bothering me the most, I have gained around 3 - 4 kilos of weight. I've had the munchies from hell ever since I quit smoking. If this continues, I'll be a ball of lard by Christmas, dammit! However, everybody keeps telling me that I'll magically lose this extra lard in a few months. But all in all I'm glad that I have held out this long, and hope I will not cave in to nicotine any time soon. Or ever.
  Ok, time for me to go back to reading "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone". I decided to read the "Harry Potter" books because I've heard a lot about them, and because I found a nice source of pirated eBooks... So far they seem pretty good. Not spectacularly good, mind you, but good enough. In any case, I think I'll just go now, and leave you with the following link: Why Al-Qaeda will dominate EU. A nice read. Any comments welcome.

Day 132

Still life.

  Damn! I have to update the blog... The reason for my reluctance is that I have a ton of new electronic gadgets to occupy me! No more boredom! But let's start at the beginning...
  We have this rather big (by Finnish standards), expensive shop in Helsinki, called Stockmann. And every once in a while it stages "Crazy Days", a sort of a discount frenzy with very bad discounts and throngs of pissed-off customers busily hamstering away bargain-bin "treasures". Well, I made a mistake of going to Stockmann during this particular event. And, to cut the long story short, I walked away with these: A Palm Tungsten T2, a Creative Muvo TX and a 256Mb SD chip. Wow. I mean, WOW! Great stuff, all of it! I immediately started downloading all manner of software for the PDA, games, little utilities... And eBooks! Lots and lots of eBooks! Goodbye boredom! As for the MP3 player... Well, it's capacity is a bit limited at a puny 256Mb, but it is still enough for about 50+ songs. And boy, I forgot what a pleasure it is to have the ability to have a soundtrack accompanying your mundane existence! I am indeed blessed.
  ...And now you might wonder where the fuck did I get the cash for all of this hardware, worth over 500 Eur in total. And the short answer is - I didn't. Remember, crowds are a thief's best friend!
  But I really have to go play around with my new friends now! Here, look at some snazzy underwater porn while I'm gone. And read some ribald Russian limericks! Translated & original versions.
  PS: How do they do it under the water? The lubrication must be all shot to hell...

Day 131

Crazy days, indeed..

  Guess it's been a while, but then again there has been precious little to report. It's been pretty bleak here. I lost 50 Eur of company money at work today, literally lost that cash. I was doing some shopping on behalf of the company, you know, coffee for the visiting VIPs, garbage bags, paper clips... And was supposed to bring back whatever was left of the 150 Eur that I was entrusted with. On my way back to the company, I stopped by at Hesburger to have a lunch. And while digging through my pockets for my own money, I take out the company 50 Eur that was left after the shopping was done, and place it on the food tray. And after finishing my lunch I carefully dispose of the remaining garbage. Along with the 50 Eur. Neat, huh? Only noticed it back at the company. (Update! My mother just called and told me she found 50 Eur on the seat of her car! Whee!)
  And by the way, I'm still on a smoking brake. It's been almost two weeks now, and I still have weird symptoms. I wonder if that's normal..? Like lung pains, for instance. Or shortage of breath, occasionally. I mean, the symptoms point to lung cancer! Eeep! That would be nice, eh? Quitting smoking and finding out you have lung cancer? Sigh.
  At least not smoking really moderates your hangovers. I mean, you have not had a hangover until you've smoked three packs of Marlborough the night before over a bottle of vodka. I've been out on Wednesday (well, not really out, just here in my sleazy neighborhood bar), had around 10 pints, and was pretty fresh already around noon the next day. Magic! It's like I'm 18 again...
  I guess I'll just give you the promised boobage now. First of all, some gorgeous teens. And then, a nice teen called Luba.. I guess you've seen her before, if you've been around the seedier parts of the net as much as I have... And last, but not least, a girl that goes by the name Peach. I'd eat that peach...

Day 130

Must have been my 6th pint...

  It's finally cold! Winter cold! I walked out today and my lungs just fucking froze up. My new, pink, fragile lungs! So I guess the cold isn't that great after all. I had to freeze all the way to work, clutching my book, "The War of the Flowers" by Tad Williams. It's a great book, but it didn't keep me warm. My leather coat didn't keep me warm either. Guess it's time to go shopping for some proper winter clothing...
  Anyway, I didn't really have any work today either, so I just went back home. So the day consisted of a little bit of reading, a lot of playing (Battlefield Vietnam and C&C Generals), and a nap. It was, all in all, a rather boring day. I'll try to do some work tomorrow. I hate it, but I must. For I am, like the rest of us (well, most of us), a slave to my paycheck. And I hate that. I wish I just had a bit of money every month. Just like that. Lets say, 600 Eur. I'd make do just great. I wouldn't have to be tied down with a job, would not waste my time doing something I hate. One way to work around that would be to do something you like and get paid for it, but I have no idea what would that be, so I guess I'm stuck doing all sortsa boring shit till I die or retire.
  Time to change the subject. What better way to do it than to dump my links... First, here is something that will keep you up to date on our planet's statistics. I wonder what the algorithm they're using is based on? Anyway, then there is the caffeine calculator, it will calculate how many cans of popular beverages you have to consume to die in a horrible way. And here you will learn how to make boobs bigger with photoshop. Ok, thats it. There will be a lot of boobage in the next post, I promise.

Day 129

First frost!
Not that I waited...

  Yeah! It's Monday, and I have the day off from work! Awesome. Nothing even resembling work, except that I had to take dad to the Russian embassy, since his Russian visa ran out, and he travels there a lot. The problem is that the old consul retired, and got replaced with a new one, that didn't like the fact that dad is an emigree. So he was all like "You voluntarily renounced your citizenship, so wtf do you want to go to Russia for, traitor?". Pretty much in those words, Russian officials can be rather blunt. So today he bought a cheap-ish bottle of cognac, and went in to see the consul again. After being presented with that "present", the consul relented... That's how things have always worked in Russia, I guess.
  After that I went home, to enjoy the pancakes my girlie whipped up for us. She's got to be
guilty of something, I didn't even have to help her out making them! Be that as it may, the pancakes were awesome. Thank you dear.
  The meal being eaten, I decided to pursue some slightly more scientific endeavors, namely dismantling my old, broken NEC DVD drive. It's not that I do that every time I'm bored, but I noticed it taking up space in the closet, and already wanted to throw it away, but decided to take it apart instead, and then throw it away. I never knew that DVD-Rom's had so many little bits. Tons of them, all clearly displayed on the pic to the right. I naturally tried dismantling it down to the smallest component. Oh the sizzling excitement..! I felt like a real man, getting down and dirty with a screwdriver...
   Anyway, enough for today. Here are the links. Have some funky Palestinian Authority videos. First one is called Allah Akbar. It's even got a sexy chick in it! Go throw stones at the soldiers by the militants wielding AK-47's like the kids in this video! You might get a chance of becoming a martyr! And will loose your boyhood to 72 nubile virgins in shahid heaven. No wonder people become suicide bombers if they're fed propaganda like that 24/7. Here is something more on what makes a suicide bomber. A very insightful article.
Remember when Israel arrested 13 UN employees? Here is something on the UNRWA Hamas links... Phew. I am in my "political mood" again, I guess. And that means no porn for you today.

Day 128

NEC DVD-ROM 5700. What's left of it.

  A week... A week without a single drag from a cigarette (well, unless you count a few joints)... Do you have any idea what it feels like? I keep having dreams of smoking. Constantly. And I constantly wake up feeling all-consuming guilt. For smoking. In my fucking dream. That shit is inhumane, nigga! I keep thinking treacherous thoughts... As somebody very clever once said (I don't remember who exactly, but it might have been Sartre), "That first cigarette of the day gives you the only reason to get out of bed in the morning". That old bag of wind expressed it somewhat more eloquently, I am sure, and I anyway heard the quotation in Russian. But you get the gist, eh? Is it worth quitting smoking if it seriously hampers my lifestyle? So far, the answer is yes... But for how long?
  Anyway, I am sitting at home, listening to my modest collection of MP3's to block out the "Six Feet Under" theme blaring from the telly. I bloody hate that show. With a blind, illogical hatred. Unfortunately, my girlfriend does not. I just came back from the airport, had to pick up my mother, who arrived from Texas today. Before that I was far away, somewhere near Lohja, at a friend's summer place, about 100km away from Helsinki. While my hussy girl was frolicking with my friends in some or another run down brothel. She was supposed to go out with my ex, and they did, but apparently it was also an outing for my friends, all of them, friends that I have successfully abused with my neglect for quite a while now. Ah shite, I just don't feel like seeing anybody. This old boy can have a reclusive relapse, can't he?
  But let me blabber a little bit more about Lohja. The drive there took about an hour of racing through the dark rural landscape, with me trying to keep up with the leading car. I am still a bit unused to driving, I guess. We were sorta planning to drink ourselves to puking oblivion, but ended up not drinking at all. I did some grass again however. Killer stuff. Will stay off that crap for another half a year, I guess. In the end I went to bed earlier than my girlfriend in the far away Helsinki.
   Oh yeah, one more juicy tidbit. As I was waiting for my mother to land, I was taking some pictures from the panorama bar, and apparently forgot my camera on the table. Somebody freakily honest actually took my camera to the airports lost & found! Imagine...
My heart came dangerously close to bursting before I decided to call the Helsinki - Vantaa airport. Thank you, whoever you are, for returning my camera... I probably wouldn't have.
  And that is it. I am moderately moody, soaking up the gloom... Although girlie, blast her, did cheer me up a bit. I can't even enjoy a bit of a mood swing around here, dammit!
  Let me dump the links and dissapear. 1. Some gross mammary antics. Brr. 2. Top 10 celeb nipple slips. Presented by young Mr. Troy. 3. Something that will help you keep your girlfriend. Oh ho ho ho... Sigh. 4. And this is just a nice view of the Millau Viaduct. Here are some facts on that momentous project.

Day 127

12x zoom. Blue...

  Hullo lovies! My seventh day of abstinence and I'm doing great! Yesterday was the hardest day so far, not because of any extraordinary physical cravings, but simply because me and my friends went out. And most of my Russian friends, if not all, smoke like damn chimneys. So yeah, it was hard to watch them puff about, especially in the kind of weather that seems to be made for smoking: chilly, wet autumn night (something like on this pic).
  I did kinda break my nicotine strike... I smoked a joint. It had trace amounts of tobacco in it, and a shitload of premium quality weed. I don't usually smoke weed or hash. It does nothing for me, except bum me down. I might smoke it once in half a year, just for company, but that is it. This time I took some token puffs, but it proved to be stronger than expected. I was a bit out of it for the rest of the evening. The picture of the day is of me playing around with a mirror. We was perplexed. Don't ask us how we made it. We don't quite remember.
  In the end we did drive to town. And ended up not going anywhere. We did, however, queue to four separate locations, decided that the places weren't for us and quit the queues right as we were approaching their ends. I know it sounds weird. We did step in one place, called "The Club". It was shite. Full of underage fluffers and floor covered with sticky broken glass, very "classy" (but somewhat misplaced, IMHO) design, high prices, crap people. And packed absolutely full.All in all, a complete waste of a 5e entrance fee.
  So in the end we just ended up driving around the teeming downtown, mildly stoned, soaking up the sights of the night. Helsinki sure got livelier over the last five years... Or then it's just me.
  And that's that. Here is something to try out if high: ultra-cool zoomy thingy(warning, rather big!) And if that doesn't occupy you for a while, here is a concise guide on how to make a zombie. Or you could attempt to upgrade your dog. Or then just wank. Let The Twins help you out. PS: Do you also think they've had identical boob jobs? Hmm...

Day 126

Like, wow, dude..!

  Yo. Fifth day of voluntary nicotine deficiency. Anndd I'mmm ddoing fffinne. Today I was pretty well free from physical symptoms, thank god. Except I am now assaulted by the desire to smoke in the situations I usually smoke in. i caught myself patting down my pockets for smokes as I was leaving work. Small but annoying stuff like that. Otherwise I'm holding on.
  Oh yes, a joyous news to report today. I received my semi-permanent driver's license. Prior to his I was a proud holder of a dinky piece of carbon paper stating that I have the right to drive an automobile. Now, after paying 12e, I was granted a proper, plastic 2-year driver's license, with my pic and everything! Gosh.
  So that was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened to me today. Oh, except for feeding Sciurus Vulgaris'es (that's squirrels for you peasants) for 25min in front of our place. Silly buggers. Scaredy, but greedy. Sharp, sharp claws. I am fattening them up for the winter. That way, if we run out of food, there will be squirrels to hunt. Either that, or I am getting daft in my dotage.
  Anyway, since I have nothing better to do than rifle through the net searching interesting goodies for you to read and watch, it's time for me to share and enjoy... First of all, a little bit of inane: a mouse trap collection. And for you car fans out there, here is the history behind some car manufacturer's logos. And from cars we move on to pornstars, naturally. Not my cup of tea, but for those of you who like mounds of surgically enhanced flesh that has seen more cock in its life than an elderly urologist, here is an open dir full of porn-star pics. Right. And if you are feeling somewhat more intellectual, here is a small essay on Islam. "1,400 years of Islamic aggression".  Oh yeah, while we are on the topic, 19 years ago today a band of PLF palestinian terrorists hijacked "Achille Lauro", a passenger liner, near Tunis. Read about the whole mess here. They should have just shot down the plane. Read on.

Day 125

My hand, fattening the squirrels.

  Fourth day of hell. Woke up, still feeling weird. No nicotine in the blood, oxygen levels probably higher than they've been for the past 9 years. Anyway, I hop into the car, and am off, like the wind, thinking that I'll be at work in 15min, tops. Yeah right.
  My favorite shortcut was blocked by some slow morons, and I spent 30 minutes sitting in a traffic jam, barely moving forward, tortured by pop hits blaring from "Radio Sputnik". That sucked. I am by no means a very brash, fast driver. I've had too many bad, one can say "near-death" experiences on the road to be one, but I ain't slow. I generally respect the spirit of the speed limit. If it says "40", it means it's okay to drive 50 or even 60 if there is nobody around. A speed limit of "40" doesn't mean "Slow down to 30 just in case", like some dumbfuck pricks like to do in heavy traffic.. You can probably imagine me, nervous and shaky from nicotine withdrawal, frothing at the mouth and practically howling in impotent rage behind the wheel this morning. I swear, I must have been close to my first damn heart attack.
  Oh well. I am not usually like that, but lack of cigs tends to do that to me. Anyway, the fun only started when I got to work. At one glorious point I got the shakes from hell. Then came the dizzy spells, followed by hot flashes and cold sweat. All in all, it felt more like heroin withdrawal than your friendly nicotine shakes. I had to have a lie down, drink a liter of water and eat a box of cookies before it subsided. I'd rather fuck this or that than ever quit smoking again.
  So here I am now, listening to "Infected Mushroom"on my awesome Sony MDR-CD570 earphones, and experiencing some heavy-duty munchies. It is raining outside, it's been dark and autumny all day... Risking my camera, I took the pic above right by our place. Sums up the day near perfect.
  But lets not quit on this depressing note. Here is a dose of cheerful countryside spirit. Note that the music is from "Little House on the Prairie". Gods. They foul everything. And if you happened to be a lesbian cheerleader, here are a few tips on how to enjoy sex in your car. And this looks really freaky (in a nice way though), especially while you are listening to some funky mixes.

Day 124

It's autumn..

  Whoa. That was a long time without an update. Most of that time was spent unproductively, playing various games, and drinking. After that, some time was spent hoping for a quick and painless death. I guess mixing whiskey and beer will do that to anyone.
  But generally, I pretty much did nothing. Avoided work as much as I could, and played BF Vietnam and Doom III. I love BF Vietnam for its multiplayer action. It's rather difficult, frustrating at times, but I am drawn to it time after time. Doom III is okay as well, but is a bit too dark, and can get a little tedious. But it still is a classic game, and I will beat it just to see all it has to offer.
  But let me think up of a piece of news for you... Oh! Got it! I quit smoking! Or let us rather say "I am on a break". I went on a break right after that horrible whiskey and beer night. Since even thinking about a cigarette made me wanna hurl. And having made it without a cig for a whole day, I decided to see how far I could stretch it.
So I guess I should count my break days from Sun. 3rd, which means I have been on a break for 2 whole days! And am now on my third. And it sure feels like it. My lungs have started to hurt, I am getting a nasty cough, and I am somewhat irate. I am also experiencing a sort of weird hyperventilation-like feeling, like I am getting too much oxygen. It makes me dizzy. According to some sources, this will go on for at least one more week, while the craving for a cig might last for many a year to come... Sigh. Anyway, I am doing it the only way I know - going cold turkey. No drugs, patches, pills, inhalers... Just quit. And no "smoking just when drinking" either. Cos that way I'll just relapse. I know, I've quit for a whole 6mths some years ago.
  But let me dump some links and get back to my gaming. First, you might have noticed my (somewhat reluctant at times) preoccupation with cats. In case you ever think of getting one, here is an overview and a maintenance guide for a Juvenile felis catus. And in case you are wondering if the oil crisis is ever gonna end - here is one way to look at it: Life After the Oil Crash. An interesting read. Right. That's it then, I will now go and drink beer to alleviate nicotine withdrawal.

Day 123

Herring market. Every year since 1742..! (Here is a view from another side)

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