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I am a young(ish?) man (D.O.B. 1980) living in Helsinki, Finland. I am Russian by origin (born in the USSR, baby!), but I've lived in Finland for most of my life. I like it here, most
of the time. My hobbies include sailing, reading and playing co
mputer games. I am currently going nowhere in my life, but hopefully it is going to change sometime soon. You can behold my frightful visage on some of the posts, if you must, as well as on the photo to the right.

I guess one of the answers to that would be "why not?". Although to be honest it all happened sorta by accident. I had an abandonware site (old games and applications, nostalgic stuff) with an update section that was sorta blog-like. It then evolved into a full blown blog. I also tend to carry my digital camera with me pretty much 24/7, so it was only natural for me to create a photoblog instead of your dry text-only blog. Besides, in my enlightened opinion, it is much more fun to read a blog sprinkled with photos taken by the writer himself. There is another good reason for this hobby - I have dismal long-term memory. I can barely remember what I've done a couple of summers back, and it feels like I am loosing most of my life to this affliction. This way, with a blog I can overview the past events, making it into a public sort of diary.

Is it art?
Oh god, fuck no. And why should it be? Personally, I find 99% of most photoblogs on the web annoyingly identical. A photo, usually without any comment, and that's it. And 99 times out of 100 its pretentious crap anyway. I would much rather read a blog with amateur pics not trying to be what they are not, accompanied by a good deal of text.
And that is what I am trying to do here, with photos serving as illustrations, no more, and not being the sole point of the blog.                                                                                                              

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