Program count : 17
Game count      : 45
Patch count      : 1
Manual count   : 3

 Utilities :

Dos Navigator
 A much bettered Russian-made version of Norton Commander. In English. Download
Dos v1.1  Remember that C:\> ? Well, this is it. One of the earliest versions... Download
Netscape v0.9
 This beast of a browser is a must have !! The ORIGINAL navigator...Sigh. Download
Win98Lite Pro
 Nifty little thingy that removes IE from the win98 GUI, makes your 98 fly. Download
Mo'slo Deluxe
 A must. Makes your PC slower for older games. Download
Fake CD v1.3a
 Also an essential file. The name says all, really. It fakes a CD drive. Download
IE v1.0  The first Internet Explorer in all its (then) pathetic glory ! Download
 This is an emulation of a DEC VAX operating system. Manual below. Download
CP/M-86 v1.0
 OS widely used during the 80's, and is considered the "Father" of MS DOS.  Download
GEOS v1.0
 Early release of GEOS. This OS has a windows-like structure. Download
OS/2 v1.1  This is a rather early release of OS/2 , a windowed OS. Download
DN Lev.Edit
 Duke Nukem 1 level editor. Make cool levels with it. Download
Windows v1.01
 Windows 1.01! See how it all started, back in 1985...
Windows v2.03
 Windows 2.03, released in 1987.
 WinG.DLL is a necessary file to play Colonization for Win.  Download
 A great, DOS based oldie spreadsheet program. Indeed, it's a winner. Download
Linux v0.99
 Sample one of the earliest incarnations of this popular OS...

 Games :

  Click on a game's name for screenshots or a reviewt, click on "Download" to, um, Download.

Another World  A horizontal scroller. The predecessor of Flashback. Pretty good. Download
Aces of the Deep
  A great sub-sim.  Rolling waves, breaking ships, the works. Manual & reference map included.
Aerostyle  Lovely freeware action flight "Simulator". Simple and strangely addictive.
Beetlejuice  Loosely based on Tim Burton's movie, I love this game. Simple & fun. Download
Civilization I for Win  Civilization I !! One of the best games ever. Build & rule your civilization. Download
Civilization II  An enormous improvement on Civ I, still the best of the Civ series ! : ) Download
Colonization for Win  A game by Sid Meyer, akin to Civilization. Colonize the New World!  Download
Commander Keen 1-7
 This is what ID did before Doom and Quake. A colorful,  fun series of platformers.
Cosmo's Adventure I  This is an original platformer from the days of Keen. Hide from women! Download
Cosmo's Adventure II  Not quite a sequel, this is a continuation of the "Cosmo" series. Download
Cosmo's Adventure III  Another continuation. As I've said, keep away from women! Download
Cyrus   I've never seen this one before! A brilliant French 3D chess game. Download
Duke Nukem I  A great platformer oldie from pre Duke Nukem 3D time. Download
Duke Nukem II  A sequel to Duke Nukem II, features some improvements. Download
Duke Nukem III  A sequel to the sequel, 'nuff said. Download
Dungeon Crawl v3.30  Basically a nethack clone, this game has a  broader gaming area. Super. Download
Fighter Duel  A brilliant flight sim, very quick to get into, hard to master. Perfect. Download
Flashback  A wonderfully atmospheric, and immensely playable French platformer. Download
Indianapolis 500  A good driving sim, this game is still immensely playable. Download
Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis  Another classic from Lucas Arts, the guys that brought us gems like Monkey Island and Loom.
Ironman Offroad
 True clasic, this one. Isometric racing game that aged like good wine. Download
Loom  A nice adventure with a weird-ass plot. Classic Lucas Arts. Download
LORD v4.06  A classic BBS RPG, if you run a BBS then this one is  a must! Download
Micro Machines I  A spiffy little racer, pretty and a lot of fun. Race micro cars across tabletops! Download
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge  Abso-fucking-lutely fantastic sequel to Monkey Island I. Download this gem! Download
Nethackv3.4.3  A Rogue-like with unlimited replaying potential. Ascii and graphic modes. Download
Omegav0.80.2  The cream of rougue. This one has an.. original approach to the genere. Download
Red Baron  One of  the first truly enjoyable flightsims. Set in WW1. Funky fun. Download
Scorched Earthv1.5  "Mother of all games", it boldly claims. Not far from truth. Doc. included. Download
Sky Roads  In this one, you are driving a.. car(?), jumpin platforms in space. Fun fun. Download
The Lost Vikings
 A wonderful platformer, you control 3 vikings able to do different things. 
The Secret of Monkey Island
 The. Best. Adventure. Game. EVER. Now within your reach! Download
UFO: Enemy Unknown
 No need to install, just unzip & run ufo.exe! Works with all Windows versions.
Ultima VIII  The first ever RPG I've laid my lil' hands on. I was very impressed. TRY! Download
Ultimate DOOM  It's Doom again..But better than ever! With an additional episode thrown in. Download
Wolfenstine 3D  Ah. The glorious predecessor of Doom. The father of all FPS'es. Download! Download
Worms  Worms.. Tons of mindless fun, oh yes. Brought to you by Oldwarez (TM). Git! Download
X-Billv2.0  Kill all dem cutesy-wootsy little 'Gateses trying to install Windowses ... Download
X Tetris  You'll laugh your arse off with this one. An X-Rated  Tetris clone.  Download

Patches :

Civ IIv2.42 An indespensable patch for an indespensable game. The latest one.  Download

Manuals :

eVAX Manual
 A very comprehensive manual for a very complicated OS Download
CP/M Manual
 The manual for version 1.0. Big and pretty thorough. Download
Civ I Manual
 A very detailed manual covering all aspects of the game. Download


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