My Helmsman 23
Due to many requests I have decided to create a page dedicated solely to my yacht, "Blowfish"
I bought her in Spring 2005, fairly cheap, and in a reasonable condition. I've wanted a boat of my
own ever since I turned 8, so it was a fairly important decision. In the following 2 years I've sailed her
to Åland, Gotland, Estonia... That's a lot of miles under the keel for a small boat and an inexperienced
skipper. And I am sure there will be plenty more exciting voyages in the years to come!

My personal opinion, after 2 seasons of sailing, is that Helmsman 23 is an awesome first boat. It is easy
to handle, it has tons of space, you can actually trim the sails like on "real" bigger yachts, and it is not
slow for its size. Or it is. depends on who you sail behind! And it's a seaworthy craft, too. All in all,
if you do want to purchase a boat in this size and price range, you can't go wrong with a Helmsman 23.


At berth
In Estonia
Stern view
Interior Full sail

Main Specs:

Length 7.0 m
Length, waterline
6.0 m
2.62 m
Draught 1.45 m
Weight 1400 Kg
Mast height 10.6 m
Sail area, norm.
23.9 m2
Year Built
Country Finland
Designer Håkan Södergren

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