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March 21, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Here I am, back from Tallinn, sick and sore. No, not due to the booze, but simply cos I managed to somehow contract Sinusitis. Oh well, at least no work tomorrow, since am typing this with a fever. But let’s overview the trip to Tallinn… Basically, it was great. The hotel even had an obligatory white piano in the lobby. And awful “art”. We had a PC in our room, but the net cost a hefty 20e/day! So we didnt use it at all.. However, all around the old town were signs saying “WiFI area” for free use! Awesome! I wish I had my Laptop with me. Hell, I wish my laptop had wifi.. Anyway, having wondered about a bit we decided to buy some shnacks. And lemme tell you, the shops in Tallinn offer much more variety than the ones in Finland, while being many, many times cheaper. But gettin’ shnacks proved to be a bad idea. We gorged on all sort of salty/sweet shit while watching Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. The rest of the day we spent being thoroughly sick. There was no more “shnacking” for the rest of the trip. On our second night we split up and did some shopping. I looked at antiques while my better half did what better halves do best: went around oggling girly stuff. Having dragged the loot back to the hotel, we decided to go out bar hopping. We managed to cover 5 bars between 21.00 and 06.00. 1. O’Malleys. Pretty good. 2. Molly Mallones. Overpriced and overcrowded. 3. Depeche Mode Bar. Only if you like Depeche Mode. 4. McCools. Pretentious shithole. 5. 24h Bar Avenuu. Our favorite of the whole bunch, with a 24h kitchen, normal prices, ok clientele. It was at the 24h bar that we met some members of an orchestra from Glasgow, nice fellers. It was nice to hear some some English language for a change. Met some other ex-pats as well, but as ex-pats usually are, they weer pretty snooty. The next day was spent in agonizing hangover. We even snuck out of the hotel to get some..McDonalds. Yes. White trash was in da house. The day after it was time to leave. 3 nights fly by awfully quick when you’re having fun. So we got aboard the ship and sailed back home. Home greeted us with lovely piles of cat feces on the floor and a horrible stench. The cats went into hiding as soon as we came in, so no happy family reunion on that account. Heartless bastards. Home also greeted us with some rather nice news. Sweet! B’bye, Yassin! Rest in pieces, you filthy murdering scumbag! 


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