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March 14, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Nethack in bed = marital bliss.

Nethack in bed = marital bliss.

What a lovely, quiet day! After the excesses of yesterday morning / night, I am quite happy to be feeling well again, as opposed to feeling like a train has just run me over. I didn’t drink much, mind you. It’s just that I went to bed at around 9am, and being unused to staying up that long I felt like shit all through the day. Didnt get much sleep, what with the sun in my eyes and cats wrestling on my groin. So today I decided to add to my movie collection by downloading “Saving Private Ryan” and “K19 - The Widowmaker” (I dont agree with the many bad reviews K19 got. But then again, I am a submarine buff). It gave me a funny feeling. It seems that just a short while ago I was cruising the wires with a 33.6 modem, happy as a bug when the download speeds reached *gasp* 4Kb/s! Now I whine and bitch when my leeching speed drops down to 30Kb/s. Lo, how has the technology progressed… Even though I still use my trusty 486 Siemens-Nixdorf laptop to play Nethack in my bed, as todays (horrible quality) snap will profess. Well, this was enough for today, I think I will go on enjoying my quiet Sunday.

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