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March 13, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts, Rants

Praised be Lord!

Praised be Lord!

Allahu Akbar, my lovelies! I just came back home from a sinful night out, it’s 7AM, and I have not had any sleep so far. The night I had was not all that horrible. Just some board games and booze. But the main thing was that it was very cheap (very important, what with my limited budget). 10e all in all. I have been all over town today (as far as Konala!), visiting my friends near and far. In the end, we played Munchkin and went to a bar called Maskotti. After that I had a 4 hour waiting period until the first metro, since I didnt want to waste 20e on a cab. Hell, I’m cheap! Having drunk coffee (I never drink coffee) I had a bit of a puking session on the metro. Sad but true. Now I am home, but cannot sleep. Hence this early update. Thank Cod I still have some fags… Not that they make me feel any better, but it is a comfort none the less…
Oh, and here is a little link to make you feel better about some muslims. The bloody people are still way in stone age And some still wonder why there is no peace in the middle east.


On the Madrid bombings: I believe the time came for Europe to wake up and smell the fucking daisies. What has been a fact of life for Israelis for longer than they care to remember has landed on European shores. No longer can we hide our head in the sand, in vain hope that the problems will go away if we pat them on the head and give them a smile. The people we are dealing with, as has been proven to us time over time, are little more than feral animals. Jackals! I hope they will be brought to justice. Tough, unbending and merciless.

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