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March 9, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

The Beast.

The Beast.

Howdy! Well, it seems that my prediction of sunless days ahead was way, way off. But I dont mind. When I went out today, I smelled the stench of spring upon the air. My shades fogged with mist from my evaporating tears as I thought to myself - “What a wonderful world!”. Not! Actually, the air smelled kinda funky, making me frisky and just a touch horny. To get rid of that evil, evil feeling I decided to go for a walk around town first thing after work. And by golly, that I did. I saw many wondrous things and a lot of queer folk on my way. The friendly hobo, the mighty cop… The wonderful gutter, the owerflowing beauty of the towering trashbin… I saw them all!! But the bestest, queerest beast to cross my path was the cunning Columba livia, largely known by a deceptively harmless name Pigeon. Risking life and limb,I managed to snap a picture of the magnificent brute’s back. It is a foolhardy man indeed that dares aproach it from the front! Behold, to your left, a rare snap of the savage beast!


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