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March 7, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Sunny, pretty. Thank  Cod it's over.

Sunny, pretty. Thank Cod it's over.

Finally. The sunny days are over. I mean, what’s the fun in stepping out only to be blinded by the glare of the pristine snow, magnifying the sunlight a thousandfold? Sure, you then had an excuse to wear shades. It also did make for some nice scenery, certainly. But enough is enough. Anyway, Saturday was marred by a slight hangover, since Friday was money-wasting day. Shit. I seem to have lost the talent for going out. I haven’t got gloriously, happily sloshed for the past few weeks, at least. Oh well, I suppose it just takes practice, practice, practice! At least our MTV3 decided to air Survivor - The Amazon reality show. Unfortunately, having looked this link up I now know who the fucking winner is, and therefore will not watch the show in the future. Darn. The idea was good. Men vs. Women. But how could guys win? It wouldn’t have been Politically Correct, would it now? Shit. And that Survivor - The fuckass Finnish version sucks diseased monkey genitalia. Finns just aren’t made for that kind of a show. Too boring. Besides, Finnish media is still too amateurish to produce something like a reality show with satisfactory results.

And here is the obligatory, Politically Incorect, porn link of the day. Mmm. Flexible Chicks. Kinda creepy, actually! 

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