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Suits galore!

September 2, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

What a killer day. I think I can safely say that this has been the most hectic and stressfull day at work since I started working full-time… Certainly the longest. Karma’s a bitch, I am paying back for my hours of leisure and quiet boredom at the office.


My handiwork.

My handiwork.

I had two gigs today. One at the Ministery of Employment and Economy, and one at Nokia. Nothing special, just making some badges and taking some pictures. The difficulty came from the fact that I had to arrange and do everything myself. That is the responsibility for possible fuckups would lay solely on my shoulders. Naturally I did fuck up a little. But not much. But there were snags aplenty, resulting in a record 12h workday… And to top it off I have to get up at 6am tomorrow and be at Nokia at 7am, dressed in a suit and everything. Not that I mind playing dress-up occasionally. And it might be fun to go to a Kallio shithole for a pint after work dressed in full exec-o-gear. Might even be worth an ass-kicking.


Anyway, looking at all the suits today made me think a little… What’s in a job? What’s in a title? A trite pair  of questions, perhaps, but always topical. Should you go for dull but respectable? Status or fun? I am quite conflicted on this one.


Actually, fuck this subject. It is pretentious and predictable.  I’m just too damn tired to spew pages of bullshit about gloss, vanity and social climbing in modern society. So let’s not and pretend I did, ok? I’ll just sprinkle some link-dust on you now and go read trash fantasy. And how about this for starters? Top 100 ugliest cars! Frankly, most of the list is utter bullshit. But you decide… Then a gallery of typewriter ascii art. Dude’s awesome! And last but not least, a classic fake vs. real boobs test. I spotted 18 out of 20! Never liked overdone plastic tits. Brr.

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  1. top 100 fucking bullshit…oni sunuli tuda porsh, bmw x6, chrisler 300…i cho oni schitajut krasivim?

  2. 18 iz 20)).

  3. 19/20

  4. Benny: Well you’re a chick, so doesn’t count! xD
    Dimer: Aga, pizdec, koro4e tam ta4ki na luboi vkus i vse tipa golimye? Da poshli oni nah.

  5. Meh… <:)

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