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Winter Whine

December 21, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts
Winter wonderland indeed.

Winter wonderland indeed.

Winter has claimed another victim. Every year winter time manages to sneak up on unsuspecting finns and wreak havoc on their driving. Every single damn year. One would think that, living in a Scandinavian country where snow isn’t an exotic kind of force majeure, people would know how to drive in it. But alas. So every year the headlines are graced with gems such as “Winter Surprised The Finnish Nation” and “Fender Benders Overwhelm The City As Drivers Struggle With Sudden Snowfall” to name a few. But it sure is pretty. The snow’s been falling for the past three days, and still is, and that created some pretty stunning landscapes, alongside the Scandinavian Offroad Adventure. And speaking of victims and adventures…


Women & cars don't mix.

Women & cars don't mix.

Mum came back from a business trip to Russia last night. I had to pick her up from the train station, and drive her to the office where she left her own car. Driving to the train station was fun, because the roads were still not properly cleared, but looking for the car in the snow drifts wasn’t. I didn’t have any gloves and was dressed fairly light, so just cleared a few slits in the windshield and was off, with about 500kg of snow on the car, figuring that it’ll fall off in the process. It didn’t, and the handling characteristics of the car took on those of a tank,but I didn’t mind. So yeah, I picked up mothra, drove her to the office, dug her 4WD from under the snow while she picked up stuff from the office, and then drove off, secure in the knowledge that at least she won’t be having as much trouble driving in the snow as I did, since she does, after all, have a jeep under her. HAH! As soon as I get home she calls me and says that she didn’t quite make it into a bend and drove off the road, hitting a curb with her front right wheel , but managed to get back on the road on her own and is now driving back home, although “the wheel is making funny bumpy noises”. In the morning she called and asked me for a lift to work. When I came over, I understood why. The whole damn tyre was ripped off the rim! She must have drove on the metal for 5km! It’s a company car, so I called the insurance company on her behalf, will have to get it towed now… Women!


Anyway, a few links and then its time for my swim. Gonna try for 1500m today. But now to matters celestial…

  • Top 10 astronomy pictures of 2009!
  • And remember the 2029 asteroid scare? Well, Apophis, for that is its name, is most likely not gonna hit us, but is going to pass damn close. Here’s a video flyby!
  • And an “oldie” that escaped me: there’s new evidence for life on Mars! That old martian meteorite did, apparently, harbor fossilised bacteria after all.
  • Then a study on how loneliness “spreads” in a group. Interesting stuff. A friend sent me this link, and shared some compelling insights into this theory based on our own group of friends.
  • Ten science stories that have changed our decade: 2009 edition. Commercial space flight..? Meh, dunno.
  • If everything above hasn’t yet geeked you out completely, I’m sure the world’s biggest model train set will do the job. Almost 1200m² in size, it’s incredibly detailed and full of win!

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