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March 4, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

I just like this pic. So much.. stuff in it!

I just like this pic. So much.. stuff in it!

I have been strangely active today. Ominously so, even. And the activity strangely didn’t involve beer (not that I didn’t want any beer), or computers. In fact, I haven’t even played any games today! Straight after work I went to Dad’s, who burdened me with some questionable “delicacies” from Russia, including, but not limited to, the infamous “Tushenka” and some rather dubious looking Russian candy. I also (rather selflessly, IMHO) agreed to go meet his lawyer with him, and act as a simultaneous interpreter. And boy, is that stressfull… After the meeting with the lawyer I had to go to an Art Gallery to appraise some of Dad’s paintings, and only then went home. …And vacuumed, gathered the cat shit from the litterbox, did the dishes, picked up whatever shit the cats flung about in my absence, etc etc. I feel like quite the Superman now. A bit domesticated perhaps, but still rather Super. And still a man. The cats are now up to something noisy in our bathtub. I hope the lil’ one doesnt shit in it again. I think I should go check…
Oh, almost forgot, here is a great little game guaranteed to keep you amused for a while. I only got to lvl 4..

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