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March 3, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Deceptively cute lil' feckers.

Deceptively cute lil' feckers.

Cats. Bloody friggin Cats. The younger one is particularly annoying. The lil’ rat pissed on our bed twice already. I don’t know what to do with the bitch. I am getting all stressed out because of it. And the funniest thing is that while the Rat is doing something naughty, Slinky, the older cat, is watching from the side, looking like she is egging her on! Like that time when we found Rat taking a dump in the bath, with Slinky looking on from the side, slightly bemused and waiting to see what punishment we come up with for the Rat. Oh well. I hope she will learn to defecate and urinate into the proper receptacle. Otherwise I am perfectly happy about today. Did some work, bought some nice books (Eddings, Morgan..) and had 3 pints together with a nice Pizza and a Trivial Pursuit game with a buddy! I’ve been dying for a game of Trivial Pursuit for a while now. And I won, too! What else could one wish for, huh..?
Link of the day is a somewhat humorous site, namely Arab News. The title itself is an oxymoron. Enjoy! I sure as hell did.a

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