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February 29, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Shiny happy city...

Shiny happy city...

Interesting. I dont think I have ever had a break between posts as long as this one. On the other hand, it’s not a suprise. Since I have been leading a largely pretty boring existence for the past few days (see post below), there was hardly anything to write about. And I prefer having something to say rather than just posting mindless tripe. Today, however, is somewhat different. Or rather, Friday the 27th was rather different. A mate of mine (sometimes answers to the name “Tuska”) had a house warming party, all the way up in the frigid wastelands of Espoo. So, naturally, I had to make an obligatory appearance. And having just recieved 50eur from dad, I decided to save some of it, and go to a party rather than a pub. Boy, was I wrong.. It went just like that *snap*. And what did I buy? A 12-pack of beer, A wine bottle as a house warming gift, a pack of fags, and a chicken meal at Hesburger. Oh, and couple of pints at a local pub before going to the party. The party itself was nothing to write home about, really. I didnt even finish the 12-pack. Just fell asleep on the floor some time around 5am… The morining, however, was beautiful. Sunny and fresh. Too bad I was neither. The picture of the day is taken by me as I was blearily staggering homewards…

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