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February 24, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Boring day = boring pic. Logic!

Boring day = boring pic. Logic!

Aaargh! My soul and body are screaming for a beer, yet my wallet is agape with emptiness. It’s not even the beer I seek, but company. Of course, beer with company is even better. But alas.. Will have to wait till friday. So instead of beer and invigorating company I settled for a boring day. Played some Vice City. I swear, that game is like taking a fucking vacation for me. It’s sunny there, absolute freedom, wonderful scenery and where else can you shoot people out of a moving vehicle? Ok, in the States, but without remorse and persecution? Only in Vice City, baby. Ooh yeah. So after a coma-inducing dose of grand theft auto and homicide, I decided to make food. Yeah, food. Since I am having intestinal problems ever since the “Tushenka” incident (read below), I decided on a nice helping of.. Pea soup. Yep. Pea soup. That’s as far as my flight of culinary fancy took me. That was fun. Ate that while watching America’s next top model. Then commited the ultimate act of surrender to boredom. I decided to defrag all 150Gb of my HD space. And I have a boring picture to prove it. “Enjoy”!
..And here we have another educational link to an interesting article called Ten Wars You Should Worry About. I sincerely recommend.

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