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February 22, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Mmm. Maggoty.

Mmm. Maggoty.

Ahh. Nice, boring Sunday. Well, once hunger set in, I decided to spice the day up with some reckless danger. I decided to make “Tushenka” with some spaghetti, fried togerther in olive oil. Now I think I should explain the concept of Tushenka to the normal, non-Russian, reader. Think of it as the higher level of Spam. It is made of, well, Cow. At least some pieces of Cow. As I just ate my culinary creation, I’d rather not ponder on that. Anyway, Tushenka is a cultural concept that is deeply ingrained in any Russian’s sub-consciousness. Not necessarily in a good way, either. My father was aghast when I asked him to bring me some more of the stuff from St. Petersburg. The idea behind my today meal was to roast the living daylight out of the Tushenka - Spaghetti mixture. That way I could insure it being fit for human consumption. Or at least kill all the deadly microbes & other critters. The results were.. Special. I had my culinary delight with fresh tomatoes, milk and half-a-kilo of salt. Now I feel like I ate a ton of lead. I’m still not quite sure whether or not I will live to see the morning. Btw, there is a guy out there who takes a picture of every pasta he eats. I think he has over 350 pics on his site already… I wish I could make food that looks that good and still be edible.
Oh, and here is some more proof that the security fence around West Bank is a good idea. Funny how Palestine keeps shooting itself in the leg. 

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