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February 21, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

White steed. Murdered!

White steed. Murdered!

Worst of luck. It seems that our family is cursed with a rather weird curse. My dad’s Mercedes-Benz was stolen a couple of days ago, then found by the cops totally thrashed, scraped, dented, one of the wheels broken off, and naturally un-drivable. How on earth the perps managed to rip the friggin wheel off is beyound me. Anyway, dad’s car was insured with one of those bomb-proof insurances that cover everything starting from a pidgeon having a “mishap” on the car to a nuclear strike. But. And its a big but. Not one single lock was broken on the car. So naturally they suspect that dad arranged the whole thing for the insurance cash. And since he actually brought a new Mercedes from Germany a little while ago he didnt need the one that got stolen. Also, since he already has some stuff on his crime register… Sigh. He is worried shitless. The car is now in some criminal lab place, no doubt searched for any strands of hair or stains of semen. Oh, and I am also to be interrogated some time in the near future, but no worries, since I have an alibi(see entry below. basically I was out drinking), and the whole notion of me or anyone else stealing the car by my dad’s bidding is preposterous. And to think, that car could have been mine… I had my eyes set on it ever since dad got a new Merc. We agreed that if I ever get a job I could have it. And boy, that was one fly ride indeed. Picture of the day is dedicated to the “White Steed”. May she rest in peace. 
Here is then a link of the day to cheer us all up. Priceless freeware, or Pricelessware! Kinda nerdy of me.

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