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February 19, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Some more drunken antics...

Some more drunken antics...

Interesting day yesterday… I ran a lot of errands. Remember the car that was stolen from me? Well, its covered below, but I just got that insurance settlement. All glorious 100e of it. Yay. 100e for my wonderful little car. Thats just obscene. I feel insulted! Also got a prescription for my new specs. Yes, I am getting glasses, fed up with contacts and all that hassle with fluids. After running all my errands I decided to go home and take a nap. In the dark, on the couch, listening to Ulver, a mildly satanic norwegian band. My oh my, what a mistake. Woke up, alone in the dark, cats nibbling at my toes (I’m not dead yet, dammit!), with an overpowering urge to slit my wrists and be done with my useless existance. I guess I should pick up some sunnier music! Anyway, got over that, barely, and went out, since my ex was having a birthday party in a bar downtown. That was funnish. Went to a dark black metal haunt, then to a trendier place. It had a very “trendy” DJ - 50 and bold. The music was something awful. End result - a taxi drive home, and 0,38e on my bloody account.
BTW, for those of you interested in abandonware, there is a new game in the files section! Lost vikings. Its great, I play it now on my 486 laptop, god bless its obsolete innards.

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