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February 16, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

No need for a caption. Just.. Click.. On.. It..!

No need for a caption. Just.. Click.. On.. It..!

Valentine’s day came and went. But not without leaving some happy memories behind! We’ve been to a nice party, held by my ex, with a lot of wonderful people, and a lot of booze! Lots of dancing, guitar playing, and to top it all off we went out to a pub, too. Wearing our costumes! Yeah, I forgot to mention, it was a Costume Party! We didn’t have a lot of money to spend (obviously), so ended up buying cheap-ass devil hats. You know, the ones with the cliche horns.. Some of the people decked out rather nicely, expecially our hostess and host, posing as a Fairy and as a Viking Warrior respectively. One of my friends showed up in a.. in a.. Oh my, I can’t bring myself to say it.. In a tutu. And he is (no doubt somewhat reluctantly) featured in the picture of the day! So that was that for the best Valentine’s day of my life. On to a bit of a different subject, the cats are doing great! They are way too cute, cuddling and frolicking and play-fighting.. They killed all of the plants now, except for the one in our bedroom. But I think it’s turn will come soon…
Oh, and here is a little link I found fascinating: Russian Empire in photographs. The site is in russian, but the interface is simple, and the photos are great.

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