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February 13, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Yumm! Fresh bumhole!

Yumm! Fresh bumhole!

Happy Friday the 13th! So far, so good *knock on wood*. No injuries, mishaps or accidents. And now to the topic at hand! Our cats have almost totally accepted each others existance, and even attempt to play without trying to gouge each other’s eyes out! They are sweet beyound belief, the lil’ buggers. Of course, the place is now messier, and the life expectancy of our plants has taken  a nose-dive once again… I think we have only one plant left that is still somewhat alive. But thank god the lil’ darling (we named her Ratsy!) is now a part of the family, because we actually had a few people lined up to take her off our hands in case they didnt get along. Yp. Anyway, the pic of the day is of their first sort-of peacefull moment together. And what better way to bond than to spend some quality time licking bumholes? Works for me! PS:the couch has no cover since Ratsy covered it in cat shit the night before. Oh, the joys of pet ownership..

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