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February 2, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts



Evening folks. What a day what a day.. I had a shower, for one thing. And theeen… We went to pick up a kitten from the middle of nowhere!! Matinkylä, to be precise. A nice, 30min bus ride from the centre of Helsinki. And we got ourselves a pretty little fluffy ball of..claws. Scratchy lil’ biatch. Now we are in the middle of introducing the new cat (she has yet to recieve a name) to our resident feline, Slinky. There sure is a lot of hissing and growling going on, but at least no outright violence… Actually, Slinky seems to be scared of the newcomer half her size! I wonder what would have been the best way to introduce them to each other..? Oh well. I suppose they will get used to each other in time. More on the progress tomorrow. The pic of the day, made with my crappy Vivitar Vivicam 3330, is from the bay of Laajalahti, just as the sun sets, as we were chuggin in the bus towards the aforementioned Matinkylä… It’s times like these that make me wish I were an actual photographer.

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