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February 9, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts, Rants

It's bloody 11am.. And there go the tax payers money down her throat.

It's bloody 11am.. And there go the tax payers money down her throat.

Another day, another entry. Got my paycheck today, by the way.. All 500 Eur of it. Minus 400 for the rent, and we have a grand total of 100 Eur left for living. Of course, my less savory activities add about another couple of hundred to the bank account, but thats hardly anything, eh? Anyway, enough whining about my basically self inflicted poverty. I would now like to grumble a bit about the taxes. Finland is one of the world’s highest taxed countries, and I personally dont quite graps the insessant whining of the goverment for more, more, MORE! In this here country, you can pay up to 60% of personal income tax. If you invest money (in stocks, or if you rent out a flat that you own), the income tax for that is 30%. For car owners it’s even more insane. The car prices are about 2-3 times higher than in, for instance, Germany. Thats cos of the high taaxtion, as well. About 42% on average from the price of a new car. It was introduced in the 60’s, as a, get this, temporary measure! Tehre was some grumbling about in the late 90s, but after a while it all died down… The goverment of Finland can do anything, anything to an ordinary finn, and no matter how hard it fucks him up the ass he will just squirm and take it like a good boyscout. Anywhere else there would be a resistance, some sort of a political debate, anything.. But no. Finns are only good in judging other places and matters, like the war in Iraq or the plight of the poor innocent Palestinians.. BTW, todays picture is of one of the professional drunks living off our highly taxed incomes. Finnish drunks and bums are the best paid bums in the world! They are netting more money than the students in this peculiar country. Oh well. I am sorry that this turned out to be a bitter little rant.

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