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February 8, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

"We've got white shit, black shit, yellow shit..."

"We've got white shit, black shit, yellow shit..."

Well hello hello. I bring you tidings from the world of poverty & near-unemployment. Appllied for 6 office jobs today, I hope I get a reply from somewhere. Or then just go to the Antarctic as a janitor. Like this guy did. Just spent a humiliating half-an-hour hunting cents all over the flat for a McFlurry.. The hunt produced EUR 2.20. What can I say, we are slaves to McDonalds. I think we are suffering from some sort of a weird overeating disease. Can’t get a nice sense of satiation no matter what we eat, unless we top it off with a good helping of something sweet afterwards. Or eat..You’ve guessed it! McDonalds. That is just horrible. Perhaps we should join Overeaters Anonymous. And, in case you’re wondering, I am not obese, or even fat. Nor is my girlfriend. My body mass index (calculate yours here) is 24.7, which is sorta bordering on fat, but no more. And hers is 19.8. Oh, and BTW, I joined the Frankly, I think my site is somewhat mis-represented there, since most of the photoblogs there are very artsy, with a minimum of day-to-day stuff that I specialise in. But enough rambling. The picture of the day is taken from an actual publication (bonus-points-for-shopping card scheme) that is delivered monthly to my door. This time though, me and my couldnt stop laughing at their newest brainstorm. My god. “Ploplop Shop”!? All sort of feculary delights spring to mind.. So, to help you take your mind of the unsavory pictures, here is couiple of nice but different Flash games, Gravity & Sonar Challenge Enjoy, and until we meet again!

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