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February 7, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

I just like this picture. It says "Drunk" to me.

I just like this picture. It says "Drunk" to me.

I am so tired. Well, I was so tired. Then I had some beers with my mates (Not too much! Learning self control? Oh, wait. Now I remember why I didn’t come home very drunk.. I had a nice pre-emptive puke in the pub’s loo!) and sorta got over it. We talked some politics and middle-east, and Islam… Very enlightening. I especially liked an interview with Irsahd Manji, a lesbian muslim journalist who recently wrote a book, ” The Trouble with Islam“. Shit, now that is one must-have. The thing is that in my opinion, the world needs a reformed muslim with his/her head out of his/her ass. I know, extremely few of those out there, but luckily we are blessed by one who not only has her head out of her ass, but even wrote a book to tell about it. Hell, she’s pretty, too . Good luck girl. She’ll probably get a fatwa, though.. Anyway, on to a different topic, remember the “Chamber of Horrors”? Well, I had to go back in there and apply a second layer of paint. Plus move some bookshelves (full of books) and paint a new wall. And that after 8 hours of work already put in at the office. Brr. But luckily that is all well behind me now. I have 2 days of bliss to look forward to, Saturday and Sunday. We even have good movies on the telly… Here is the link of the day, btw. It is the Top 10 Rules of Blogging by The Politburo Diktat. Not only do they shamelessly rape my native, beloved Russian language, but now they are telling us all to conform to their standards. Well, okay, most of the things they say are true. But quit butchering the Russian language, for fuck’s sake!

P.S. - On this day, February 7, in 1992, The European Union was formed. I still think that prices took a nasty rise after Finland joined EU. But I still support the decision to join EU, and hope that it’s current expansion wont spell it’s ultimate downfall.

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