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February 3, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

The Chamber of Exquisite Torture.

The Chamber of Exquisite Torture.

Hullo… I think I am sick. My temperature has shot up, and I feel fucky… Oh, and am all out of Fevarin ® .Anyway, haven’t been able to do much due to work and real life, haven’t just wasted time on “Jack” (my comp) for a while now. Sigh. Today’s been a sucky day. I went to work, did a mind-numbing 6hr shift, had head-aches, temper bursts and what not, and after that had to go to my mum’s, to paint my old room. Into a urine-mixed-with-orange-juice color. Man, I don’t get people who say painting is, or could be, fun. I mean, sure, painting in the artistic sense is fun, I guess I did it at least once in grade school (my memory is appalling), but the gruelling, thankless task of painting walls is just that. Gruelling and thankless. You have to wrap the surroundings in paper & tape, climb up and down ladders, mess yourself & your clothes up with iggy, smelly paint, hold un-ergonomic brushes & et cetera till your wrists hurt… I actually worked up quite a sweat. Aaand quite a stench, according to my girly. She is always helpful with details like that, bless the pretty darling. Anyway, thats why I am now sick. Cos of the sweat and the following walk in -5c temperatures. I think I will still go to work tomorrow though, since the rent has to be paid… Buggers. Oh, and todays boring picture of the day is the actual chamber of torture, the room I used to live in before I started doing the whole “Mom, I wanna move out” thang. Enjoy. (?)

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