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February 1, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

More pics of snow for your enjoyment. Again.

More pics of snow for your enjoyment. Again.

Ah. The weight of dissapointment and disillusionment. My tickets to wealth were not as fool-proof as all the Lotto-commercials lead one to expect. I won.. Nothing. Zilch! So here I am, still poor, sitting and eating McDonalds (white trash staple everywhere, eh?), watching the Finnish version of “Survivor“. Boring evening.. But good news: our resident feline’s swellings seem to have gone down, so they are definitely not cancerous in nature. No need to put her “to sleep” or spay her. And in other news, Finland (well, the south bit of it, with Helsinki in it) has experienced the worst snowfall in 10 years. They (the omnipotent they) said so on the evening News. And there I was, wondering where has all that snow blocking the door come from.. Another thing: I am now in the process of re-designing the site, but struggling with it mightily, having lost my Photoshop CD.. And the new Photoshop CS I got has an invalid (expired) serial number, cant find a new one anywhere, all the crack sites seem to be offering the same one… Bastards. Here is the link of the day, BTW. For all of you out there still struggling with leftist lies. This is it for today’s transmition, have a good day. Shit. I wish I was sailing in the Tuamotu’s

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