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January 31, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

My tickets to incalculable wealth.

My tickets to incalculable wealth.

This was supposed to be a post for yesterday. Or yesterdays post. Whichever way you want it. Anyway, bored as I was with my financial impotence I decided to do something about it. No, not get a job or take the money from somebody weak and incapable of self-defence. No, not loan it from the bank (and I can’t anyway, I have a bad credit rating). I decided to do something much more cunning and devious. I therefore invested into.. A couple of lottery tickets !! I am quite a shrewd little invester, eh? Anyway, I guess by this time tomorrow I will be a millionaire. I promise I will hire a designer to rework the site then. And I promise I will buy a Jaguar. Something like this XJR on the top of the page. Second hand, nothing too fancy.. But I digress. I suppose I wil eventually have to work for my money, providing that somebody will finally answer my fucking job applications with a fucking positive re-fucking-ply!!!And no, I am not bitter. I am just a bit hung-over. From yesterday. Met Jinx and Japan, with their respective spouses, and Leech. It was okay, but had to come home due to the lack of transportation later on. So thats that. Oh, and remember Zoid the alien? The pink inflatable one? Well, there have been several assasination attempts by Slinky the Buxom Feline. So now she has to be pumped up at regular intervals… Sigh. Yet such is life. And before I forget, here is the link of the day. Tons of erotic and fantasy pictures. Nothing grotesque, very tastefull. Mmm. Nude female flesshh…

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