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January 29, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Kitty a bit worried around surgical implements. Silly kitty.

Kitty a bit worried around surgical implements. Silly kitty.

Today started nice, after the horrible downs of yesterday. Didn’t go to work was sleepy cos spend way too much time reading “Broken Angels” by Richard Morgan. Riveting stuff.. Wonder if he wrote anything else. Must Google that… Anyway, the day was stolen by our pretty kitty, Slinky. She has weird carcinogenic (I hope not) growths on her belly, really weird gross ones. Well, took her to the vet, luckily a cat person herself.. Well, she never saw anything like that in a cat as young, so she had to call her colegues for consultation. Turns out she has to be spayed (i.e. neutered) or has to take some sorta hormone pills for a long time. I mean, she can end up with milk glands (i.e. tits) the size of, well, apples. And that would not look good on a cat, eh? So that vet office is featured in todays pic o’ the day. Well, thats enough for today, I am off to eat chips an’ burgers. And watch all sorta shit thats on TV today, including.. South Park! Yay!


Oh, and the link of the day iiiiiis…   Naval Open Source Intelligence

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