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January 28, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Blah. Just... Blah.

Blah. Just... Blah.

It is already the 28th… Oh dear. As is clearly visible, I have not been updating the page much recently. Not that it matters much, but still. And it is not that there haven’t been things happening. There have. Mundane, and less so… But what best categorizes the time period that has passed since the last update is its general melancholy and darkness, so lets call it “Dark Ages“. Of course, I dont mean that they are not still crawling on. For instance, just today I recieved a negative reply to a very important job interview I very much counted on (and that wasted 4 hours of my precious time). That was a bit of a bummer (and I am understating that quite a bit), but I went to a Recruitment Fair, and cheered myself up a bit. Mayhaps I wont be ass-broke all the time. All of my life, more like. So, mostly I have been gettin drunk with my mates and my dad (the poor bugger turned 50this month), playing MMORPG’s like “Ashen Empires” (it sucks a bit, but is quite bearable) and “Civ III Conquests”, and a bit of “Unreal II”. But mostly just being blah. Oh, and todays picture is not exactly a work of art, as are none here, but I like it. It depicts a “good” day in a Finnish winter. Shit, life sucks! 

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