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January 13, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

The bar is open, ladies and gentelmen.. It's ALWAYS open.

The bar is open, ladies and gentelmen.. It's ALWAYS open.

Meh! I have been awaay for waay to long. It wasnt my fault. Honest. It was not. It was the fault of Jack (my PC) and my hosting. I’ve told you before that I am about to get some new hardware, right? Well, I did get it. 120GB HD, and a new motherboard, and a new processor, AMD XP 2400+.
Oh, and some ram, 512Mb of it. Well, it all went in nicely enough, but then windows decided not to start up, and instead just hurl insults at me. I didn’t have a bootable Windows XP disk, so had to get one. Managed to track down a friend, but his CD didn’t boot. Had to track down another, that didn’t boot either. Made a boot disk, it didn’t wanna start. Had to import newer Format.COM file and smartdrive from someone. All this runing around cost me 3 days downtime! Next time I’d better be more prepared… Then naturally I’ve lost the logins to my site. And it took my host a week (!!!) to call back and tell ‘em to me. Well, I’m gettin my space free, so no biggie there.. Anyway. New Year. Sigh. Where the fuck are the flying cars and silver jumpsuits? Where is my sexy robo-porn slave? Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to make do with a huuman girlfriend. Pesky humans. But I digress. New Years eve was an affair soaked with booze, and I didnt even fire a single rocket. It was sort of uneventful, the same old shit you get at any old party with a lot of very drunk people. I guess we’re gettin old, meh.


Here is a little something, btw, to test  your sinfulness… I got a whopping total of 193! Holy mother of god. And the pic of the day is Jack, in his disassembled glory, with new parts proudly displayed. Oops! Shit! Screw that, it was apparently misplaced… Well, here is a drunken filler then, and it fits too, been spending a lot of time in bars lately…

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