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December 27, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

My, um, pink Alien. Um, yes.

My, um, pink Alien. Um, yes.

Ho ho ho! Ze X-mas is gone. I’ve been a lazy boy. Merry fucking X-mas. Although one must say it wasn’t bad at all. Had my Friend From The North (Dimer) over for a couple of days, watched a lot of DVD’s (most crap) and ate some x-masy food. The shitty thing about Finland is that even the fucking McDonalds is closed on X-mas eve and X-mas day! Jezus, McDonalds and the like should never, ever be closed. Not for any reason. And WTF is the reason why we aint got no 7-11 or any other 24h store chain? Huh? Fuck. One must go to a 24h gas station, that is usually inaccessible without a bloody car, for ridiculously overpriced shit, and laughably small stock. Anyway, where was I… Oh yes, x-mas joy and shit like that. Anyway, here is the list of presents () I gots… 1.- A huge ass inflatable pink alien. Thank you, weirdo dearest! 2.- A hat. Cool one, with ears. Black. 3.- Underwear. Calvin Kline, I think. 4.- Scarf, decent long, and a nice hat. 5.- 100€. (gone already. Can’t believe it.) 6.- A voucher worth 100€ for a store chain popular in .fi. 7.- Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection. Awesome. And on monday I will go to a PC store and get meself 120Gigs of HD and a new processor. Probably AMD XP 2000+, since MoBo cant support any higher. Courtesy of mum! Oh, and here is some X-mas hardcore. Just because.

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