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December 22, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

Shit allmighty, At least ya cant feel the wind that accompanies all this crap.

Shit allmighty, At least ya cant feel the wind that accompanies all this crap.

Snowing, snowing, snowing… And the bloody wind! I had my fucking fur coat on, and still it went through it like a bloody hot knife through butter! Christ all mighty.. Aanyway, went to work and then to the Police station to apply for my drivers license re-take. They told me to wait for a couple of weeks, coz of the holidays, and after that I have to redo my theory and driving. I guess that’s the price one has to pay for DUI. I will pay it willingly. Anyway, after I will get my license me dad will sell the Merc to me for a meagerly 4k, over a year! Therefore I will have a “fly ride”, for very little indeed. I am sorry for my lack of eloquence, I am rather drunk. Went out and had a good time, my girly and my friends. In kallio, the armpit of Helsinki, naturally. Good time was had by all.. I hope. Anyway, will have my drivers license soon, and then… Everything will be better. Met some foreigners in the Stella Star, btw. All so common, all so against USA. Shit, I dont see them providing us with any other options, do I? If we would take their stance we would be but another muslim state. Shit, anything but that, please. Cant you people see that we are up against an angry, hungry new world here? Cant you see how decadent and tired we are by now? Decadent and tired enough to allow the existance of sub-culture, subversive groups of young liberals like you! Without freedom allowed by democratic(ish) goverments you wouldnt be here to express yourselfes! Anyway, that is but a minor part of the reason I think the whole fight against terrorism and the whole war with Iraq is justified. Over and out, goddamit!
BTW, the picture of the day is just a pic of the snowed in Helsinki. Still a great place to live.

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