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December 21, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

The red beauty. Deceased.

The red beauty. Deceased.

Merry fucking X-mas. Almost. These days have gone by in a beer-colored blur. Beer-scented, too. Met a lot of my old Russian acquaintances (sp?), made new ones.. And made a complete fool of myself in the process. So business as usual. Oh, and my car was stolen… My dear old Ford Escort LX 1984, 1.6 engine, leopard seat covers.. Lovely, in other words. Since my drivers license was taken away from me (wrecked my company car during the winter 2002, drunk. Rammed it into a taxi. Bill - 15k €)  it was on parked insurance. Which means I wasnt allowed to drive it, but any damage done to it would be reimbursed. So if the cops wont find it for 30 days I will be compensated in full. That will probably ammount to 500€ tops, and my dad will take that from me anyway, since he was the one who bought the car for me in the first place. I have an idea, though. The old bastard bought himself a new Merc, so I might get to keep the old one. Now THAT would be rad. Pic of the day is of my old Escort… Rest In Peace, dear friend… 

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