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December 18, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

Jezus. In a Bar. Deeply do I covet this tapestry.

Jezus. In a Bar. Deeply do I covet this tapestry.

Ah. The glorious futility of life. Here I sit, debating whether to go or not to go to work. Morning TV is on, rambling about various trivial things that go on in the Finnish media and culture, with dubious studio guests to state their meaningless opinions. I am down, was out with friends last evening. Nothing special, just a couple of pints in a bar… However, it was a pretty depressing occasion. There we sat, useless survivors of everyday life, each with his own problems and each a looser in a different way, and own opinion… Came home plagued by a feeling of general doom and gloom, of futility and general uselessness of life’s struggles. Of course, couldn’t sleep at night, plagued by palpitations, nausea and hyperventilation. Hey, contemplation of own apparent futility can drive even a sane man to the brink of depression. Me, it can drive well into insanity and beyound. My sanctuary, though, comes largely in form of my significant other. Dont know how I would deal with this maddening existence without her. But I guess I’ll get over this existential bullshit eventually. BTW, pic of the day is from the bar I visited yesterday, pretty nice, eh? Jesus of the flaming heart holding what appears to be a joint. I want it hanging over my bed, dammit.


Update: Visited a great blog a few days back, now got hooked. The Russian Dilettante’s Weblog is a rather entertaining thinking man’s place on the Internet, impressive in it’s clarity of thought and depth of opinion. Recommended indeed after you grow tired of reading whiny neurotic youths like me pondering on nothing in particular.

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