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December 16, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

My bimbo-ish phone. I loves it now that it's pretty!

My bimbo-ish phone. I loves it now that it's pretty!

It’s not going so well. My student stipend is now revoked. I will have to work much more, which means that I will have to find an evening job, since I will not be able to work mornings cos of the studies. And I will probably have to pay back up to a 1000€ to the goverment. Just when I thought I was slowly gettin’ out of my financial slump… Crap. Oh well. Will figure something out, and hey, it will sorta make life interesting, eh? Nah.  Did 6 hours of work today, and the thought of having to do as much every friggin day makes me shiver. At least I will be able to stockpile some cash during the Xmas holidays, that might help… Sniff. But on the brighter note, I refurbished my mobile phone today (Nokia 3210), made it into a beauty from a beast. and for just 15€! I know it’s old, I know it sorta sucks, but I can send SMS’es and call people with it, what more do you need? A fucking color screen? Java? WAP? Fuck no. I want to play games, I get a Gameboy… But I digress. The picture of the day is my phone with it’s new look. Hard to imagine I got it for free (it was so old and ramshackle) by looking at it, eh? I loves it. It my preciousssss…

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