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December 14, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

Sweat boy, sweat! Like the leopard collar, btw...

Sweat boy, sweat! Like the leopard collar, btw...

Oh. My. Fucking. Head. Never gonna drink again..  Went off to the armpit of Helsinki, Kallio, and got sloshed. First sat at Stella, then at Stadin Tähti. Stadin Tähti had a rockabilly band going, with teddyboys in their 40’s - 50’s. Discovered a talent for 50’s dancing! Spun my love around and around, was rather suprised myself, really. It’s been ages since I danced anything 50’s.. Well, the end result was wasted money, at least 60€, and a splitting head ache in the morning. Oh, and as we were going home in style, with a taxi, we had a little car accident. Somebody (another taxi) rammed us from behind, but rather gently. Still, that held us up for about 15 min. All in all, we might have taken it a bit easier. Would have been nicer to wake up in the morning.. The sweaty young man on the picture is from the english bang they had at Stadin Tähti. It was okay, I guess.


Update: Saddam Hussein captured! Did you know that the retard actually believed (probably still does) himself to be a descendant of Prophet Muhammad?

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