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December 8, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

The chuga-chuga machine.

The chuga-chuga machine.

2nd day without a cig. Still having fucked-up breathing problems. All night, not to mention the breathing thing, it sounded like the airspace above our flat was turned into a Jumbo Jet throughfare! Actually managed to get up at 0730 today, which is all my girly’s accomplishment, and went to work. Worked till 1300, and it sure sucked. Sucked the life essence out of me. Plus I was wheezing and dying from lack of air. Being extremely bitchy due
to nicotine shortage didn’t help matters any, either.. However, I have to work, unfortunately. And today’s pic o’ the day is the monster machine I work with most of the time.. Oh! And since you people are so nice, you get… A wonderful porn link filled with tasty images of young women!! Yummy! Yesh sir! Feast your eyes here. And, btw, all free, naturally..

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