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December 6, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

That's the dear Eunukki! He looks dead, I know...

That's the dear Eunukki! He looks dead, I know...

It has been a good week. Sorry for the lack of updates, for that you people will get a game! Duck Hunt! In flash! or PHP. Whatever, it’s good! Anyway, my ex had a High School graduation party yesterday, so that will be the pic of the day. It was fun, especially towards the end. Got nicely tipsy with my girly, went home with a taxi at around 6AM… Woke up at 1400, then watched Terminator 3, and loved it! I am glad that they didnt succumb to the “happy ending” plague. Definately worth a rent. I’d even buy it if it was cheap enough! And one more thing that made the week great was that I got my tax returns, all ~240€ of it. Plus my student aid, and a bit of salary… So I was pleasantly suprised to discover ~750€ in my account. Thats more than I’ve had in it for years.. But I’m afraid 2/3 of it will go towards rent and food… I hope I wont end up in the minus towards the end of the month. I hate being poor. Anybody need an able-bodied rus-eng interpreter/translator? Oh, and a bit about the pic. The animal in question (stuffed) is called “Eunukki”, meaning eunuch in finnish. Its lovely!

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