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December 2, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

I love Helsinki!

I love Helsinki!

Today I had a nicely productive day, at last. Woke up at 7:10, or was awoken by my girly, that is, and went to work. Did some hours, and then to town… Must have walked miles while there! It was beautiful. Hence the pic of the day. Aanyway, acquired a couple of games. Civ III(+Play The World) and Myst III. Myst sucked. Want to try the newer one. You get to create a character that resembles you almost totally! Back to the day… All in all, a good day, I must say. Finally deposited some cash into my savings account, now have 20€ there, met Mr. Japan, a good friend of mine, got a book for darling girly (by Laurell K. Hamilton), games for myself.. Awesome. Simple it maybe was, but nice. Oh, and had a couple of cigs today, too.. Bad kitty! =/

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