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November 26, 2003
By Asmodeane in Posts

My companions for the week to come. Cheap, too...

My companions for the week to come. Cheap, too...

Another uneventfull day. Gray, melted and somewhat windy. I wish for some decent snow already.. At least I got out of bed, so thats a good change. I bought 2 books, and applied for a teaching job with Berlitz. Thats about all… Jack, my computer (a sorry-ass Athlon 1400, 384MB, GeForce Ti4200 and about 35Gb HD), has been plagued by strange reluctance to boot lately. But at least I got the books, as the pic of the day indicates. “My Lively Lady” is a nice true story of a voyage around the world, something I want to do one day (although not at such a frantic pace) while “Moonseed” is sort of a doomsday Sci-Fi book that should make for compelling reading. Oh, BTW, talking about reading, I discovered a funny BLOG the other day, called Tard BLOG. Verry must read. I wish thats not the kind of teaching job they will give me !! Okay, time for a cig.

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