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December 10, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts, Travel

Well, here I am, in Moscow. Silly place, honestly. Not nice at all. Big, smelly, dirty, noisy, rude and overcrowded. Rather dangerous, as well. And I am here for only a day, not even staying the night, because the powers that be so decreed. Anyway, I promised to post a blog update, and post it I shall, by jove! Even though this is costing me 100RUR an hour to write. And this “high comfort waiting room” is 240RUR for two hours. And there are no electrical outlets, so I’m using up precious battery life.


It burned in 2000.

The Ostankino TV tower.

Of course I got drunk on the train. Not rip-roaring drunk, but drunk enough to have acquired some mysterious bruises. I also almost fell off the top bunk cos forgot where I was in the morning and almost rolled off. That would have been fun, har. The trip was weird, anyway. My cabin room-mates had the same first name I do, so I guess according to Russian superstitions I could have made a wish or something, but I don’t think I did. Then there was some drunk Finnish guy we spoke politics with in the restaurant wagon, who tried to marry me off to his daughter who lived in Joensuu or some other obscure northern shit hole. I politely declined, about every 10 minutes. Unfortunately such heavy handed approach to alcohol can and usually does lead to unfortunate consequences, as I was made painfully aware of the following morning. We shared a cab with my namesakes, who also happened to work in the same building our office is in! Incredible set of coincidences. Our Moscow flat is located a few hundred meters from work, so I took the opportunity and soaked in the bath tub for an hour and a half, almost falling asleep and drowning in the process. I did make it to work eventually, before lunch even! My intrepid leaders proved to have been right, and my visit to Moscow proved to be very useful. Having done all my crap I was now free to roam Moscow and do whatever touristy stuff you do. First of all I returned my debt to a saleswoman at our local grocery store, I came up 25RUR short that morning as I was buying my breakfast, and she kindly told me to bring it by later, which was simply incredible behavior for a Muscovite. I blame my suit and otherwise neat appearance, and the fact that for some reason Russian women over the age of 55 find me irresistible.


Yup, it's a mall.

Pretty Xmas mall, GUM.

I did not do touristy stuff in Moscow. I was tired and hungover, so I watched some telly at home after work, and then went to a big book store, where I bought a ton of books about Russian submarines and submariners and some sci-fi. I walked about a little afterwards, looking for a place to eat, stumbled upon the Red Square, and had lunch at GUM, the oldest and most famous of Moscow’s fancy-pants malls. My lunch only set me back 4.65 in EUR, which is a ridiculously small sum to pay for a two course lunch at a fancy-pants mall. You couldn’t even buy a shitty kebab for that price back in Helsinki, and this was some prime stuff! Some things are still cheap even in Moscow, it seems. But I quickly got tired of wandering about, and decided to spend the rest of my stay waiting for the train in a comfy business lounge equivalent, burning off my remaining rubles.


Anyway, that’s it for this blog update. I promised an update, but I didn’t say it was gonna be interesting or long. I’ll even throw in a link or two, to show I care.


Damn, still an hour to wait. I guess I’ll watch a movie or something. Gotta save me some battery for the train trip, or go find an outlet.

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