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November 8, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts

The media raved and panicked about it, the general populace remained largely disinterested, the internet made fun of it and of the hype it generated, but the epidemic marched slowly on despite them all. And eventually it reached Finland, where it eventually reached Helsinki, where it then reached… Me!


To the unknown departed

Yeah, I landed myself a case of Swine Flu. Or so the doctor told me. It could have come from Germany, on the flight to Finland, or it could have come from the Deadman Circus last saturday. That nightly visit to the grveyard at Sunday after Halloween (we wanted to see all the lit candles) didn’t help either, I was way under dressed. I started feeling ill last Sunday, just a bit of throat ache, but not like the usual kind, instead more like sand right where the throat meets the lungs. Lower throat? Bronchii? Dunno, whatever. On Monday I developed a cough, and on Tuesday I had temperature and went home, assuming I have a regular flu. On Wednesday my fever jumped up to 38c right after I awoke, and climbed to 39.5 by noon. That’s when I thought it was time to see a Doc. My work pays for health care, so had a private doc that saw me about an hour after I called, and, after looking up my nostrils flash light and down my mouth, declared me to have H1N1 and gave me less than a bloody week of sick leave. He didn’t do any tests, saying that my inflammation and some other mystic signs pointed to swine flu. Anyway, my flu wasn’t that bad compared to some cases that I’ve read about. I had high temperature for about 3 days, the shakes and the shivers, the usual stuff. Unlike other flu’s I’ve had this one felt worse. I had bad headaches and lung pains, the cough felt like razors coming out of my throat, and there was a lot more dizziness and weakness than usual. Anyway, I pulled through ok. Haven’t had any fever for the past two days, and feel pretty much healthy, except for some coughing and sneezing. Work tomorrow, unfortunately. I missed the best time to get swine flu, i.e. the end of Summer. I could have had three friggin weeks of quarantine back then, three weeks of bliss! Reading, playing, sleeping, dreaming, watching all the series I ever wanted… But noo! Fuck. Just my luck.


What else, what else… Nothing else, really. I used my sick leave up with Gray’s Anatomy and a few movies, as well as a bit of Beneath A Steel Sky and Stalker: Clear Sky. Although I played more Mafia Wars than those two games during the past few days. I am afraid I have grown too old for games, and that knowledge pains me deeply… Or then my ADHD flared up, since I can’t even concentrate on a good book.


Anyway, fuck this blog, I’ll go play something, or watch a movie, or try to read a book. But fine, will post a couple of links first, even though you’ve probably seen them all.

Ok, that concludes this update. I’ll just post this clip of some really lucky fellers and be off. Cheerio!



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