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Deutschland über alles!

October 21, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts, Travel

Yes, I am going to Germany today. In fact, in less than 4 hours my silver bird will roar into the sky, to either reach its destination safely or then come down over the countryside in a fiery shower of burning flesh and melting metal. And I am all sweaty and grimy, wearing torn old jeans and a rumpled shirt with a fairly adolescent pattern. This always happens to me, always. Somehow I always arrive at the airport disheveled, sweaty and disreputable, and often hungover. This time my boss made me wake up at 7am and come to work over an hour earlier, only to help him move his son’s wife’s office. There was about 2 tons of office furniture to first load and then unload from the truck, and boy did I get my morning workout. So here I sit, stinky and lanky-haired, and with no possibility of a shower before I reach Köln, since I am going to the airport straight from the office, you see. I even took a picture of some of the furniture, because I have no other pictures to go with this post. Oh no, wait, I do have some other pictures! I have a pic of a pretty decent pizza girly and I (I sprinkeld the toppings and grated cheese) made at home on Sunday. That will do, because the photo of office furniture is even more boring than this pizza photo.


Oh for fuck’s sake! Fuck! I can’t upload my pics on this laptop cos I forgot the special fucking little mini-USB cable at home. And there are none like it at work, plus the laptops don’t have CF slots. Why did Olympus have to be a fuckwad and make it different from Canon’s or Sony’s? Will have to buy one at the airport or in Germany. Anyway, time’s at a premium now, so will just post some links and vids and be off.

  • Remember the whole Balloon Boy asshattery a week or so back? Well, a man came forward that claims to have helped with the hoax. In-depth detail in the article, if you care.
  • Oh, and you won’t believe what will happend today. It’s Rapture Time, folks! I’ll be on the look-out for any avenging angels from the plane windows.
  • And hey, think. Who owns the moon? And if you support the Moon Landing Hoax Theory, think of it the other way: what if they never stopped going there..? Dun-dun-duuun!
  • Then feast your greedy little eyes on the works of Lyndon Wade. That was the compillation, and here’s his actual site with many more photographs.
  • Ok, then a few Top 100 lists. First, Top 100 Nintendo games! I should get them for the NES emulator on my netbook, could be nice.
  • Then a Top 100 list of movie posters. Found it kinda meh, personally, but maybe it’ll tickle your pickle.


A couple of clips couldn’t hurt, surely? Here’s how to make your own dry ice bubble. And just in time for Halloween, too!



Ok, then a cool store front in… Somewhere. For some reason I think New York, but might be wherever. Anyway, they have a digital doggie that reacts to your presence. Nice digital doggy.


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  1. I think Sony and Canon has a different cable then all the others.

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