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October 11, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts

Oh joy, tis the weekend. Oh yay… I did end up going to work on Friday, and it turned out I should have stayed at home.


The FinnSec security expo was in town this week, and our company was representing in force. I was on sickleave through most of it, of course, so didn’t get to strut my stuff in a suit. And that’s fine, because the expo was mind-numbingly boring, and you didn’t get almost any goodies from the stalls. There was candy, but most of that was crap as well. There were actually three expos in the fair centre at the same time, AudioVisual 2009 and Kiinteistömessut. Both sucked sweaty sack. One would think AudioVisual would be fun, but it wasn’t. There was a ton of different bebuttoned equipment racks, and a lot of led lights. And none of it was very fun, cos they didn’t let you play with it, nor did it do anything remotely fun when you did play with it. Well, they did yell. That was kinda interesting.


So yeah, I was summoned to the expo, and was told to come with the company jeep instead of my usual Volvo S40, and I naively thought that was just to preliminarily pick up some crap or whatever, maybe some papers or brochures, and then go back to the office. But no. I came there, walked about, poked my nose into things, and suddenly all but one of the salesmen mysteriously disappeared. And then me and the remaining marketing guy had to load all the fair stand crap into two cars. Yay, carrying heavy shit is just my thing, you know. Especially when doped up and in pain. Curse my work ethics. I mean, I never had any before, and now suddenly I have a conscience. The good bit was that I did get to see the fair, and did get to leave the office. And the bad one was that I had to actually work. Ok, I have just gone and took a couple of steps back and reviewed my whinage. And came to the conclusion that there’s nothing wrong with my life, and, well, that I should be more thankful. So I’ll just start rolling with it now and go grow a pair.


Painting the tree lady.

Painting the tree lady.

But that was yesterday. Today we, that is my gf and her friends, attended a house warming party. The party was cool, these lesbians dykes freaks people live at a commune that comprises of about 5 rooms, I think, that are populated by some exclusively saphically inclined females. Girly and her cronies made an oil painting as a housewarming gift, of some tree lady with ok knockers and some obvious problems, like being stuck in a tree. I was playing Final Fantasy II on my GBA during that. When the painting was finished we ambled to the party, our wine already mostly gone. I don’t really have anything witty to say of the party. it was ok, there was some punch and some interesting people, and a lot of pretentious assholes. Some were just loosers that thought that by being weird looking they somehow earned respect. No. Wrong. No matter how fucked up or far out you are, it still doesn’t mean that your theory of whatever has any merit. Being weird does not make you any better than the rest of the populace. In fact let us think. There is a myriad of weirdos in high schoold across the states. Of them, only about 1 in a 100 has anything to offer to the academia. Others are just chaff… Just like you. And wearing a garish dress over a bodypainting of an anthropomorphic penis does not make you smarter than the rest of us “sheeple”.


Ok, I am really tired now. Sleep would be so very nice. Oh snap. I guess I kind of omitted something that happened to me today. It also happened to my couch… Thing is, I’ve been eating antibiotics, antidepressants, painkillers and having alcohol at the same time. So is it any wonder that when I did decide to fart I was in for a nasty surprise. And so was girly… So its bed time for good old me. No links, too tired. Will make up for it tomorrow… After I lift the boat out of the water.

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  1. “gf and her fiends”

    fiends? As in, demons and stuff?

  2. AsmodeaneOctober 11, 2009 @ 20:35

    Well, that isn’t far from truth, actually. Sigh… I’ll go fix it.

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