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October 3, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts

Gah. Yes, it’s that bad. This hangover just keeps on giving. I mean, I’ve had worse, but not by much. And I am not even sure how I got so sloshed. I bought one bottle of wine, but didn’t finish it. The punch at the party must have been extra-spiked. A couple of my friends, Joose and Jakki, had a birthday party, turning 58 in total, and, despite being extremely apathetic and tired after a mind numbing day at work (as usual), I attended. And I’m glad I did, since I saw some people I haven’t seen in ages, years even… So booze was drunk, stories swapped, snacks eaten. Luckily got a lift home, otherwise girly would have had to carry me.


Old and new

Old and new

To shake off the hangover we drove to town and took a little walk around Esplanade, visited the Kauppatori market, climbed around the old lightship “Helsinki” and took some pictures of fishermen’s boats that gathered for the annual Helsinki Baltic Herring Fair that will start tomorrow, October the 4th, and go on till the 10th. It’s been held every year since 1743, which is pretty cool. I think I sorta featured it already once before on the blog, in October 2004, I belive. So will try to go there tomorrow, before 11am, see the Lord Mayor, take some crappy pictures, smell the herring and so forth. Maybe even buy some smoked fish.


Link time, then. Turn off your wifi, eh? This shit’s kinda scary..! Big brother, Orwellian future etc. To take your mind off it, play this magnificent Boobs, Butt or Shoulder? -quiz. And now I’ll go back to nursing my hangover.

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