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Students shmudents…

August 29, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts


And that's only a hundred of them.

And that's only a hundred of them.

Blasted students. I hate your whiny freeloader asses. Studying your useless shit, bitching about pointless shit, ordering student cards to get discounts on more shit, making me edit thousands of your ugly-ass, acne-ridden pictures for hours on end… Oh, and them pretty and young ones are even worse. They seem to snigger at me from the screen, throwing amused glances at my developing beer gut. Will see how you look at 28, motherfuckers, doing nothing but sitting on your arses in some office 8 hours a day. And learn to take pictures, bloody tards. I must have fucked around with a few hundred out of focus, skewed and dark pictures yesterday, in addition to the thousand or so more or less adequate ones. Meh. And the day didn’t end there, oh no. Dad called me out of the blue, PC problems once again. I hate that. Last time the old bastard managed to tie his system into knots with trojans, adware, malware, and God knows what else, by downloading some delicious .exe files that promised him free porn. Guess his 28 year old wife won’t let him touch her anymore. And who could blame her. After an evening wasted trying to disinfect his system I had to reinstall Windows. Luckily this time it was only his browser, he somehow made it refuse to display images. I wonder what was so horrible that shocked the poor web browser into blindness. Guess some things are better left unseen.


My treasures..!

My treasures..!

  So yeah, is it any wonder that I snapped and decided to reward myself with a little shopping spree? And besides, it was my payday, all the bills were paid, and there was plenty of cash remaining. Whee! But, being the stingy half-blood that I am, I didn’t just blow it all at some mall. No sir. I went to a second hand store! I mean, why buy new shit when old shit’s perfectly good as well? In most cases, anyway. Sometimes you just can’t beat the new feel of something. But where was I? Ah yes, my “new” treasures! First of all, I bought the Band of Brothers DVD box set. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes on telly before, and loved it, so when I found a box set for 20€ vs 30€ new, I had to have it. Anyone up for a marathon? I also updated my X-Files collection with a Season 8 DVD box, a welcome addition to my Seasons 1 to 4. To that I added a couple of classic games, Half Life I Anthology because it is simply a must have, and Hitman 2 because it was cheap and I’ve never played it. Besides, the idea of sadistically murdering people in various creative ways appeals to me on some basic level. I also found a CD I never knew existed, a solo by Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan called Paper Monsters, so bought it just for the hell of it. That’s it, I think. Oh, and disregard the green baggy thing on the top part of the photo. It’s just my old rain cloak / tent, don’t know why it’s even in the picture. So yeah, everything combines into a versatile entertainment package. Except for the rain cloak. I am now well prepared for those dreary winter evenings. Money well spent, all 40€ of it.


Oh, great. Fuck me sideways! Another batch of 2700 student photos is waiting for my tender editing. So let me just dump some links on your sorry asses and off I go. This is kinda cool: each of these pictures has a camouflaged soldier hiding in it. And this story from Stockholm’s airport is kinda stupid. And this one about Nazi raccoons is just plain silly. But hey, it’s The Sun. And this one is kinda crazy and involves 42,000 litres of deodorant and a lot of garbage. But hey, it’s India. Hey, that last link is kinda cool…


Oh, decided to rename the blog back to Friggin Abandoned. Everywhere links to Friggin Abandoned, and I can’t be arsed to change the name on every bloglist there is. Besides, it’s been called that since 2003. Witness the power of inertia!

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  1. I laughed my throat hoarse for the first paragraph of this post! xD

  2. P.S. The dad bits, that is…

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