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Things are starting to look decidedly autumny.

Things are starting to look decidedly autumny.

Gah! What the fuck!? Late for work, second day in a row! And, once again, by half an hour. I have a vague recollection of crawling across the room to shut off the alarm on my phone, and then crawling back to the couch, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I woke up to a phone call from a guy I sold something (a navigational c-map cartridge for a GPS, if you must know) on an online auction to, I would have probably staggered to work no earlier than 10am. As it is, I jumped up and ran down to the car, looking like a greased turd, complete with yellow teeth and crusty eyes, and made it to work 29min late, having caused a few mildly terrifying near misses on my rain-slicked way to the office. And now that I am here I am quietly drinking my tea, surfing the web and looking out at the rain, doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes my job can be quite nice. Nice, that is, until the boredom and realisation of its utter meaninglessness kicks me in the pit of my soul.



This is how we party...

This is how we party in my party...

And I have no one but myself to blame for my recurrent tardiness. Let’s chronologically dissect yesterday. I came home from work at 17:30, picked up some of my old PC hardware, drove it over to a friend’s place, then back at home at 18:15. PC on, dum de dum dum, start up Neverwinter Nights, and next thing I know it’s 3:45, my eyes hurt, my mouse hand cramps, there’s a mountain of candy wrappers around the keyboard and my character has leveled up 3 levels. Yeah… That’s what I’ve been up to ever since girly left. Yes, just playing computer games. Yes, somewhat suprisingly, it’s been a lot of fun. Haven’t had the time to do that for a while, now really getting down to it. Feels like I’m 15 again… Too few hours in a day though, plus there’s that whole work thing that’s getting in the way. But I guess I’d better get it outta my system while I can.


Speaking of systems, I’ve been engaged in a little quieting project with mine lately. Originally, my PC sounded pretty much like a turboprop at take-off. And that wasn’t cool, since it is positioned right next to my bed, along with pretty much everything else in my dinky single room flat. So I replaced all the original fans with quiet ones, case, CPU, GPU… Everything. Cost me about 70€ all in all, I think. Luckily I already had a quiet Nexus power supply, otherwise I would have had to shell out another 80€, easy. Only problem seems to be that the ultra quiet (and ultra large) Zalman CPU cooler isn’t really cutting it. It’s somewhat of a mystery. My core temperatures have been soaring all the way to an infernal 75C, and I even had the system perform an emergency shut down on me once. Once I got the case fan running and gunned the CPU fan to full throttle the temperatures went down to around 60C, i.e. still too high, in my opinion. Only after I scraped off some of the excess thermal paste from the CPU and re-attached the fan did the temperature drop to a more manageable 55C. Maybe there’s still too much paste? I dunno. As long as it works, I guess…


  Anyway, apparently my help is now needed in photoshopping a couple of thousand photos, so I’ll be off. But before that, yes, it’s link time. Now that the Olympics are over, it’s time for a fun little photographic overview. And then a little photographic overview of a doctor having some fun with his patient. While she’s sedated. One of the perks of being a doc, I guess. While on the topic of psychological & medical anomalies, here’s an arctic seal with an unusual problem. And here’s something awesome I wish you’d all chip in and buy for me next Christmas. I wager there’s about ten of you reading this blog, so it’ll only amount to, what, about 160,000$ per person? Don’t go all stingy on me now.

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  1. Why dont u take your gamez with u to work? U can play games,eat candy, jerk off and get payed at the same time….

  2. Nah, that’d be pushing my luck a bit too far. Everything else goes, though. Mweheh.

  3. pussy)

  4. Do tell me about this Neverwinter Nights. I’m looking for a nice long game to occupy the hours between midnight and four am…

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