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Snow show!

March 4, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts, Travel

Well. It appears that Finns have once again been blindsided by snowfall. I can just picture the headlines “Talvi Yllätti Suomalaiset” or “Winter Surprised Finns” again. So yeah, once again a complete fucking pile up on the roads of our beloved frigid capital. At least it looks sort of pretty with all the falling snow, plus it’s fun and easy to make “donuts” in the company parking lot.


You should hear him reggae. Very annoying.

You should hear him reggae. Very annoying.

Apart from indulging in automotive insanity and snow-watching, I’ve been doing shit all. Well, ok, that’s not quite right. I’ve also been working, albeit not very productively, and even went out on the weekend! Actually, attended a party for the people involved in the Beauty of Black Block calendar. It’s a calendar that attempts to highlight and bring to our attention important socio-ecological issues, like the state of the Baltic Sea, free public transportation, globalization, mental health etc etc, through provocational posturing, use of controversial imagery and, of course, good olg fashioned nudity. You get the picture. Well, there was one model representing every issue. I was the mental healthcare model. And dude. My picture rocked balls. One of the best, yo. Couldn’t get a digital version for my own use, yet, but once I’ll get my grubby paws on it I will definitely put it up somewhere on the blog. If permitted. The party was also quite ok. Some fairly interesting and almost undrinkable drinks, met some of the other models, was positively surprised by the overabundance of Russian speaking finns. It’s interesting how well can an absolutely typical and unremarkable finn learn and master Russian pronounciation, even when starting his studies in late teens. For some reason the other 99,9% of the finnish-speaking population has an absolutely atrocious accent no matter what foreign language they speak. Kinda like the Russians, I guess. And the French. And ze Germans. And don’t get me started on the asians… But on with the show. We also went to the movies, for the first time in ages, on Saturday. Me, girly, and girly’s girly. Faced with the choice of Benjamin Button, Gomorrah, Milk, The International, Che, Valkyrie and Waltz with Bashir, we decided to watch Gomorrah. Unfortunately. Gomorrah turned out to be very dull and messy, kinda like life in a small Italian town I guess. We later downloaded Waltz with Bashir, and it turned out to be fucking brilliant, maybe in part due to the memory of the crappy Gomorrah still so fresh in our minds.


And now I am going to Germany. Well, not now now, but later today. My flight is at 1800, with Air Berlin. And man, I just hate flying… You might remember my flight to London last November. I hope to avoid getting that drunk this time, otherwise I’ll never find my way to Köln from Dusseldorf. I can just about picture it, waking up on the floor of some dirty men’s room, naked and covered in something sticky that smells suspiciously of cum, with a scar on my back and a kidney missing. Brr. So why do I take such horrendous risks? I have to visit my Aunt, Cousin, and Grandma in Köln. I haven’t visited them in ages, last time probably in 2005 - 2006. Hm. Let me check with the old blog… Yep, January 2006. Check the blog entry for the 15th. That time the rigours of air, rail and sea travel pushed me over the edge of sanity for a while, or it might have been the alcohol, or something else altogether, whatever, I just hope that it won’t happen this time and I won’t have to spend another 6 months in a straight jacket. Anyway, it’s going to be nice to get away for a while, being pampered by granny etcetera. I’ve always been a bit bored in Köln, and traveling alone has never been my thing, so I am not that excited. Will probably finally climb the Dom Cathedral, visit an aquapark/spa to soothe my nerves after the flight, and just hang out in bars with wifi. But now for important matters. If I happen to plunge to the ground in a fiery fireball of agony, and not miraculously escape unscathed, I want all my PC’s to be donated to Supp, while Bonus gets Blowfish. The rest… Girly can decide about the rest. Wish me luck..!


Ok, some links before I blast off into the skies. Check out the Michael Jackson auction! God, what a moron. And a suspiciously large amount of child lures video games and stuff. And then a couple of articles on airplane safety and survival. First, one by Popular Mechanics, and then one by Aviation Safety Network, both on safest location in a plane. Then a comprehensive survival overview by BBC. Let’s just add an additional article by Time on how to survive a plane crash, and we’re all set to fly! I just hope they’re not out of Chivas Regal or Green Label at the airport bar..!

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