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Life Ist Gut, Ja?

February 9, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts, Rants

Howdy, kittlings!

I somewhat uncharacteristically decided not to wait another month (and almost doesn’t count, smartass) before posting another irrelevant update, even though I have little to actually write about. Dum de dum dum. Most of my good blogging ideas usually happen when I am far from my PC, and it seems kinda silly to jot them down on paper, so they never make it to the blog. I’ve lost countless good rants like that. And so when guilt finaly makes me write something, there is nothing much to write about. But then again, is there ever..?


Ominous zombie crowd. Eerie.

Ominous zombie crowd. Eerie.

I’ve gotten incredibly wasted during a gig in Tavastia, and can’t even recall what band was playing. Luckily I took a picture. That was the low point of the month. Everything else from there on is way rosier. I’ve revisited the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant, this time on my own, and loved every minute of it! Not the fact that it was Olkiluoto that I was visiting, but the feeling of independence and freedom that came from being, temporarily, my own boss. Even having to wake up at 6am and spending 7 hours in the car in total didn’t damp my spirits. I didn’t have a passenger, so could screach along to my favorite songs to my heart’s content. Besides, that drive made me 0,45€ richer for every kilometer of asphalt that sped under me, due to work trip compensations. I like money, no doubt thanks to my semitic ancestry. I save my money. I hoard it in my lair. They say that now is the time to invest in stocks or whatsits, but I think that with my knowledge of the subject I’d have better luck investing in slot machines and lottery. I mean, you still have to have some knowledge when it comes to investments, right? To showcase my ignorance even further, here’s what I’d invest in right now, were I to have say 10k laying about: some fairly stable tech company whose stock tumbled recently, like F-Secure or forest companies that have recently lost value, like Metso or M-Real. Some mining companies might prove a good value as well, in my eyes. Amirite? Correct me if I’m wrong.


But yeah. This week I’ll be mostly packing for my upcoming snowboarding trip, but more about that later. I’ll try blogging during it, but I can’t promise anything. I don’t even have a proper working laptop, for chrissake. I am thinking of buying a HP 6735s, new for about 400€, or an IBM x31, well used but store-refurbished with 3 months worth of warrantly for 200€. Still, I have my doubts. Buying an old (first released in 2004, I think!) system for 200€ might be a bit much. There is a high probability that my own cheapness will bite me in the ass with that deal. I already have an old P-III 500Mhz laptop for games like Baldur’s Gate II, Civ II, Diablo II and HOMM III. I might upgrade its memory a bit, get a bigger HD to replace its current 5Gb monstrosity, but it has generally just enough oomph for games of yesteryear and Windows ME.


Right. Enough with the chatter, link time. All that talk of games past has brought nostalgic tears to my eyes, and memories of better days. Here’s a list of 21 FPS’es that you should have played. I can’t claim I’ve played them all, but I can say that I’ve played the most. Oh what unsurpassable joy it was to play Quake 1 with your peers at an impromtu LAN-Party… I don’t think even holding my firstborn in my arms will eclipse that happiness.Sniff. Damn, I need to go get some tissues. I’ve also been looking at some pretty awesome photo galleries lately, so hey, check them out as well! London by night, from above, gallery I & gallery II. Great shit there. Made me wanna go there again, even though I was never a great fan of London Town. I guess it never quite answered to my overinflated preconceptions and expectations. And here’s an interesting photographic experiment, a 6 month long exposure made “..on a basic pin-hole camera made from an empty drinks can”. And then something for the guys to wank about. Sweden’s new Stealth Corvette, baby, yeah! Here’s some more information from the builder, specs and description as well as some more photographs. Frankly, having something like that coming at you in the picteresque skerries of Swedish archipelago can make you swallow your skipper’s pipe. I mean, I’ve saled extensively in Scandinavian archipelagoes, and that thing just seems… Wrong. It doesn’t fit. It’s like a damn Vogon Planet Destructor! And don’t you dare say I’m turning all pacifist on you. I still salivate at the sight of maritime militaria. It’s just that for me Sweden + Sea + Archipelago = Red Cottages + Sailing + Sunshine, not phallic battleship from hell..!

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