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Busy Busy Busy

January 26, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts, Rants

Helsinki's been wet, mainly.

Helsinki's been wet, mainly.

  Meh. So busy. Uncharacteristically busy. Busy with what, you might be tempted to ask. The last time I saw you you were busily wearing down the couch with your arse watching Frasier, enjoying yourself to quite an inappropriate extent, you might say. And yes, that’s the way I used to roll. Not to say that I didn’t do things, like travel, or sail, or go out with friends, or that I didn’t enjoy doing them. I just didn’t go out of my way trying to find things to do. If I had a day off and no scheduled activities to fill it with, no problemo, there was always a nice book, a movie recently downloaded, or a game unplayed. Or a local pub with a local friend, but that depended on the day of the week and that friend’s availability, so I’m leaving that out of this equation. I didn’t start panicking and feeling guilty that I wasn’t doing something productive or pre-planned. I didn’t fidget and moan. I’d just chill, with quiet grace and dignity. In fact I’ve always found people that are unable to just mellow out once in a while incredibly annoying, if not just plain dumb or severely limited. But now I do things. And while I am still quite at ease chilling on the couch, I am afraid that state of affairs won’t last. Nowadays I often notice that there is something gnawing at me, something that just won’t stop until I find myself doing someting productive, or at least something that I don’t enjoy doing. It has pretty much taken enjoyment from playing computer games. Or reading fiction, at least the kind not venerated by literary critics and not canonized as classic literature. Watching TV, strangely, is ok, because it takes on the form of temporary procrastination, of easy self-deception, or being in between states of doing, while playing games or reading books is a state of doing, for lack of a better word. I blame old age.


  So now I find myself swamped, by my standards, with duties and activities. First there’s the necessary evil, work. That generally follows a classic 9 to 5 pattern. Then there’s Gym. Another necessary evil, but one that I am starting to enjoy, another sign of apocalypse. That’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In the name of honesty, however, I must add that it’s mostly two out of the three weekdays mentioned, no matter how hard I try. That’s 17:30 to 19:00, approx. That would have been quite enough ordinarily, but now I decided to add Coastal Skipper courses to the mix, held Wednesdays 19:00 to 21:00 for the next three months. Always wanted to do the course, mainly in order to expand my knowledge of things nautical and hone my skills, and in part because it will be useful if I decide to get an international pleasure craft operator certificate, something required by most charter boat operators in the Med, for instance. On top of that I’ve also enrolled in psychology courses at the open university, courses that span the entire year, at different times on different days, also something I’ve thought of doing before but never getting around to, and that eats up valuable time off-work. So now I actually find myself having to schedule things in advance, things that have always been spontaneous before, like meeting friends or going shopping for something in particular. At least now I have gained insight into why is it that any time my girlfriend wants to meet two or more of her friends for a drink without informing them three weeks in advance it requires sixteen hours of complicated phone negotiations, synchronisation of diaries and at least a terabyte of electronic communiques.



Struggling with the couch.

Struggling with the couch.

 I’ve another piece of “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!” news to air here. As of 24.01.2009 I now officially cohabit with my girlfriend, still in sin, at our new residence here in the picturesque Undisclosed Locationsville. The new digs are bigger, newer, spacier and more expensive, although lacking the sea view I’ve so enjoyed bragging about before. Sigh. The boxes are unpacked, the carpets laid, the curtains hung. A new chapter, so on and so forth. All thanks for aiding and abetting us in this mighty endeavour goes to Dima and Hanna. I hope that your finger grows back stronger than ever, dude. Now all I have to do is get a new internet connection… And clean up the old flat. As for now, all my surfing will have to be done from work and the library. I see it as a test, of sorts.


  So. Links, then. If you, like me, are in the least bit interested in space exploration and, in particular, the ISS, then do watch the 10-part video tour of ISS. I still haven’t myself, will have to once I get my new connection running, as watching all 10 of the 10min clips at work would be a bit much, I think. Then here’s a bit about lifting the Flight 1549 from the Hudson river. Just some nice photos, no more no less. I think the starboard engine is still in the drink, no? Following up on the subject of Flight 1549, here’s a game based on the ditching. See how many birds you can avoid, and once you inevitably suck a few in, test your skills at ditching. This last link, then, goes for all you Mac fanboys out there! Asmo out.

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